Blog update delays

Sorry about lack of blog updates! I am in Costa Rica! But I will be back and updating soon! Lots to share and lots to show you all! Back at square 0 or 1 on my training but hoping the hiking will have helped.

While you wait, I will let this three toed sloth keep you company!!!



Update on the Blog side of things

I plan on updating and moving this blog to it’s VERY OWN PROPRIETARY DOMAIN! WOOO WOOO!!!! (i just gotta do it)

Since the husby is out this weekend as well as the roommate, I should have some spare time. Here’s hopin I get offa my bum and DO SOMETHIN!

Also, started a facebook page for my blog; check it out here!

bikes, stripes, fruit striped dance party bikes?

so what originally sparked this post and the thoughts of this post was a couple of things. One was the fact that my husby and I are making a conscious effort to get into biking.

The second is that today, I was outside, walking Aldy around and waiting for him to pee in the heat of the afternoon and this awesome jam comes on, ok no lie… it was Be-yon-ce. Ring the alarm. And I just started breakin it down hand movements and rump shaking…. and as I am doing a turn around ring the alarm motion, I see that across the street an older dude wearin cowboy boots and denim vest and shades, sitting on the stoop, was staring at me laughing to himself. And it  ade me realize that while at that moment it was funny, that phrase about dancing like no one is watching and singin like no one is around… yea, it’d be a shorter phrase if you just said stop giving a shit and your life will get a lot better. I get it…. it’s a PR world. Life is what you make it and while many are trying to watch their image because they represent something much bigger whether it be through their job or their family or so on, the ones that don’t care, seem to have a little more fun (openly anyway) and I def see advantages to BOTH life styles.

so today, I gave it more of a shot and proceeded (after dancing) to sing and RAP really loudly. It led to some embarrassing moments but I am learning to push pass those and move forward.

Now to address the first part of this post… biking. I have never been much of a biker. I have had friends that are extreme bikers… some of my coworkers bike to work. Even my boss bikes in to work occasionally. My thoughts, as I rode the metro this morning, were to maybe give biking to work a shot. I spoke with a couple of my coworkers who ride every day. One woman swears it’s her sanity. And she recommended I speak with the head of our photog dept, so I did. He got me set up with the woman who is going to give me a bike key and then also is going to show me where to go with my bike to lock it up and where to go to shower up and such. He is even gonna share his route with me since part of his route is the majority of mine. Anyway, so thoughts? Any other bikers out there that bike to work?

Also, we plan on getting a doggy cruiser/trailer to pull our pug along with my husby and I on bike trips (see below). My dad says I am crazy and couldnt even begin to fathom why I would want to do something like that.

(this is not my pug pictured… when we get him a trailer, I will get up a pic.) anyway gotta start dinner and walk the puggy. tata for now.

The Wake up Process

Drinking coffee



waking up...



and GO TIME!!!

It has come to my attention

that people occasionally LOOK at this site! THAT is freakin AWESOME!!!!! HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!

Well let’s see. This is what happened:

a dude wore a scrunchie:



Melinda and I made some cheese art at union st pub



this girl wore too much make up…



i freaked out cause i bought a place to live.


then i moved into that place to live and when I was going through my books, unpacking them and such and discovered my shakespere anthology (one of my surprisingly more favored classes in college) and then i saw this online and couldnt resist:



happy tuesday!

Cuddle Club


Side note: I was doing my standard morning run this morning and a bird peed on my shirt. I saw it… and then I took a picture of it.


so here’s the deal…. i get that because i drive a nissan x-terra people think it will do great in snow, that it is an all-wheel drive or 4WD SUV… news flash!!!! not all models are all-wheel drive/4WD — for some unknown, yet, utterly retarded reason, they made the Nissan X-terra with a 2wd option… and I am not talking Front wheel drive… OH NO! it is rear wheel drive…. and i happen to own one of these types of the car… a rear wheel drive nissan x-terra…

now, if you know anything about driving in snow or ice and anything about rear wheel drive vehicles, then you know that my car wont do well in this stuff… so please stop asking.  thank you.  becca


ps:  and why in god’s name would anyone make an SUV REAR WHEEL DRIVE!?? That is just stupid. and i know it is even stupider to buy one… so yea, my bad. BWAAAAAAAHHHHHH

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