Running away from it all

When I run, I forget everything and focus on the run. Every step… AND of course, the asshole bikers who don’t know how to say on your left…. so I shout it for them after they startle me. “on my left! thanks!”

One cyclist shook her head because she so clearly heard me say that and I tried to speed up to get her to shake her head to my face… but well, she was on a bike, I was in mile 5 and dying of thirst so yea… there was just no freakin way.

Notable about today: I ran 7 miles. And I did it in an hour and 30 mins. While not my best time, keep in mind the time of day (930 am) I ran, the temperature it was (80 degrees), the temp I am used to (73ish degrees at 5am and no sun) and the fact that I forgot all water… STUPID! 5 miles at 5am is nothing compared to the 7 miles at 9:30 am that I did this morning. (side note, my garmin is working properly, but i think i may get the 310xt just to make sure that this kinda thing doesnt happen again)

I am covering the launch tomorrow morning at 4am — RBSP (

And I am going to relax some more and watch Once upon a time… my roommate got me semi-addicted… LAME!


have  good night.


It has come to my attention

that people occasionally LOOK at this site! THAT is freakin AWESOME!!!!! HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!

Well let’s see. This is what happened:

a dude wore a scrunchie:



Melinda and I made some cheese art at union st pub



this girl wore too much make up…



i freaked out cause i bought a place to live.


then i moved into that place to live and when I was going through my books, unpacking them and such and discovered my shakespere anthology (one of my surprisingly more favored classes in college) and then i saw this online and couldnt resist:



happy tuesday!

Vagina day


(yes… that is me in the bunny suit and cheshire cat head, enjoy)

Two things you oughta know about microwaves, rakes, and women

ok, here are two videos:

what happens when you hit a microwave with a rake 😀


and the manslator (this needs to actually exist):