Insane Ramblings – Political edition

This isn’t about which political party you belong to or your political leanings. To be honest, I could give two shits what your opinions are on today’s most pressing political topics. I am not expressing mine, so please keep yours to yourself.

What this post is actually about today is the lack of people voting. You say you care about politics and you are one sentence away from getting into a huge argument over abortion or health care or whatever. Fact of the matter is, that regardless of your political leanings, if you don’t vote, you might as well sit down and save it!

I been on facebook and twitter, and a lot of people seem to be supporting the act of voting.  But then you get the occasional people who are of the attitude of why vote since the candidates are going to mess it up anyway… or the “i’m-exercising-my-right-not-to-vote”…. yea these people are special.  And these are the people I am referring to…

[side note: if you are a felon, please ignore this as you are not able to exercise your right to vote and I get that]

These kinds of people really grind my gears. And I think there should be a law about this kind of shit…an exception to freedom of speech (1st amendment)… You don’t vote, you can’t bitch about what the politicians do to this country. You have an opportunity, as an American citizen, to vote for the people who represent you in your government. A lot of people don’t have that opportunity… even in this country — felons, immigrants who are on green card, and so on. So why not take advantage of it?  And if you don’t then shut your mouth and save your rants for someone who is willing to overlook the fact that you want to bitch about something you could have helped change.

and i will get off my soap box now.


i won the idiot grand prize

Hello all, *crosses legs, removes pipe from mouth, and puts arm down on arm rest of big cushy armchair* and welcome to story hour!  Today I would like to tell you about how I won the idiot grand prize!

Guy smokin a pipe

kinda like this guy, but sitting. in a chair. a big chair

A little background before we begin this little tale. I am taking a java programming class this fall. It is a prereq for the Masters program I would like to enter. I was so excited, that I woke up at midnight on the first day you could register and registered for the class. I had the book three weeks early. I had practically memorized the syllabus! (yea i’m a dork. leave it alone…)

SOOOOOO, it was Monday night, approximately one week ago, and I was starting my class! First night!!!! and I was super psyched to begin! I had read the two chapters that were to be covered in the first module (each module last two weeks). And during class, I am sitting there, watching the other questions my classmates are asking and thinking, that was in the reading or that was in the syllabus! God! Don’t you people read?! I might actually be ahead for like the second time in my life…ever. Anyway, so I am sitting there and I am totally getting smug. Like, Smuggy McSmugerstein smug. This is how class went all week. I was a slacker most of the rest of the week until this weekend, when I began the homework and started the quiz. Now, keep in mind, I am starting the homework and quiz a week early! And when I was working on it, I was writing down questions to ask the prof this past Monday night in class.

Well, Monday night (last night) rolls around, it’s class time, and I am logged on to Adobe Connect, ready for class. I have all of these brilliant questions and I am ready to impress….

Yeaaaaaaa, about ten minutes into class, when only me and 4 of my classmates are there and we are all talking wondering what is going on and where everyone is, I decide to email my prof and see where she is and if class was delayed or what…. She emails me back and says there is only class at the beginning of each two week module as stated per the syllabus. DOH! Idiot style, my palm immediately goes to my forehead. This proceeds to initiate a chain of ten emails going back and forth between my prof and me about the homework.


hand to palm style. idiot to the max

To add insult to injury, I emailed her about these loops I thought we weren’t supposed to have learned yet because they are explained approx two chapters later…. yeeeeaaaa, but apparently mentioned at the very end of the second chapter WHICH I READ AND TOOK NOTES ON! wow. just. wow. So I didn’t just idiot it up once last night, but twice! in two MAJORLY obvious ways! GO TEAM IDIOerrrr i mean BECCA!

So yea, I have come to the conclusion that piled on top of the rest of my near 27 years of existence, I have officially won the idiot grand prize for the year and possibly even been elected Sargent at Arms of the ISS (Idiot Secret Society, but shhhh don’t tell anyone)

Happy Tuesday bitches!