Good evening to my hump day readers

YOU MUST LISTEN TO THIS SONG WHILE YOU READ THIS POST!  (just press play and read the post)


I am coming to you after work, when you all are prolly sitting around with a significant other and thinking “sexy thoughts”… well I have one for you, and it prolly isn’t what you think.

So I was making a cd for my bestie and she asked me to put this song called toot it and boot it on there. Mind you, I dig the beat and had downloaded it a couple of weeks back. So I am jammin out and that song comes on and I listened to some of the words, and immediately my thoughts went to this dude is singin and rappin about farting and then puking…. NO WAY! Keep in mind, I did not have a visual because I was JUST listening to the music….

So at this point I decide to investigate further… and I discover that homeboy isn’t rappin about farting and puking but hitting it and quitting it… and so it got me thinkin…

Maybe people should rap about farting and puking for once because they always joke about it and when you think about it hittin it and quittin it… slightly disrespectful and not to mention it’s WAY over done.

anyway, good beat. makes your head bob. thas about it.

Happy hump day! and know that I am retarded, but it makes me laugh.


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