Google is HILARIOUS!

happy hump day! google is hilarious! they pride themselves on having a sense of humor and in these instructions, they let that come out.  check it, check it!


Two things you oughta know about microwaves, rakes, and women

ok, here are two videos:

what happens when you hit a microwave with a rake 😀


and the manslator (this needs to actually exist):




A song about what atheists have. (funny)

This is kinda funny. Hope it helps you laugh and get through this Monday that starts off our Christmas week 🙂 It’s all about atheists and what they have — i thought it was funny. all haters can stop reading now and skip over this song. it is not meant to offend, only to make you laugh.


weak sauce yo!

So this week has been kinda week. Nothing of note has really happened. My car is messing up, goin to the shop today…. yay…. trying to get my final project for my Java class finished. Trying to remember to get xmas gifts together in time for xmas and just generally hanging out. Although, I really like havin my dog out here. Anyway, you’ve heard enough from me. So here are the videos for Hump Day:


This is really funny, but you need to watch ALL the way through!

Federal Bureau of Manners: The Nod from Larry Miller

it is totally a wednesday…

so today hasn’t been awesome by any stretch of the imagination…. yet! but this guy says everything is going to be awesome!

i would like to share a few more literal translations of music videos for your entertainment!

Billy Idol – White Wedding (Literal Version)

Spin me right round  – Literal Version





…and you’ve just been rick roll’d w00t!!!!!