Annnnnd your face!

well let’s see. thus far this week, i have

  • gotten engaged (saturday) to a wonderful man whom i could go all mushy about, but will spare you and just say i am extremely happy about it.
  • watched copious amounts of trash on tv (delicious)
  • given someone a wet willy
  • annnnnnnd worked a bit

i saw a bunch of funny shit. i delivered one for you guys yesterday (see McBusters!) and now i bring you the hump day video (it made me laugh so hard i snorted a little)… enjoy!!!

[please excuse my grammar. i prefer auto-correct programs, and today i was just lazy.]


this is hilarious and i had to share it!


So I was watching Sarah Silverman show (season 2) last night and they actually talked about farting and preserving farts — HILARIOUS! anyway, so i been slacking lately on the blog dealy and I am SO gonna fix that. So not to delay hump day…

Snoop Dogg vs LL Cool J: The Ultimate Halo Smack Down from LL Cool J

and uhhh this one is awesome!

Epic Skatboard Moonwalk – watch more funny videos

Late with the hump day, my bad yo

So yesterday was insane at work and then I had tons of homework and then my ghost dog chewed my arm off and I couldn’t…… yeeeeea, my bad!!!! I am SOOOOO sorry! But to make it up to you, I have two videos for you all! So let’s just get right to it!

This first one is kind of REALLYZ disturbing, so mom if you are reading… please skip this video.

Bun in the Oven – Presented by the LA Comedy Shorts Film Festival from Gary Anthony Williams

and this one is just hilarious!

iPhone Murder Apps from Emma Stone

Suck it Cowboys Fans, Suck it.

Football season is upon us! And I couldn’t be more ecstatic! Now, being from Washington DC, and currently residing in bible belt country near Dallas, I take a lot of shit from Cowboys fans about being a die hard skins fan.

Now allow me to let you in on a secret, I have been a skins fan since I was in diapers. It was bred into me. The family friend who watched me a my brother while our parents were at work were skins fans to the core. We used to watch the super bowl videos made in 88 and dance to the music played in the background… yea, I am not ashamed! So anyway, being a skins fan here is a little difficult. But I am still a skins fan.

Side note: cowboys fans are worse than the team itself. At best, the fans talk a big game and then hate on you when they lose. At worst, they are like Notre Dame fans who throw shit at you like half drank beer and shit. (did I mention I am a Purdue fan!? It’s my alma mater; graduated in 05 and while they haven’t been good in some time —since drew brees in 01 — I am still a fan)

Now with that said — the skins ROCKED the cowboys last night! And I couldn’t be more thrilled. The dude who got the holding penalty during the last play, yea, he was getting penalties all game. So that inevitably means that you were robbed of nothing. Take the loss like a man and stop hatin! We didn’t hate this bad after years of losing to you, but you better damn well believe we will be gloating that we finally won after the taunting we have received for years of losing as skins fans. So, fellow skins fans to you, I say w00t!. And to all the cowboys fans, alls I got to say to you is, SCOREBOARD! SCOREBOARD!

eat a dick cowboys fans. eat a dick.

[aside on clinton portis — he is one of my all time fave skins players, and everyone was doggin him before the season and he actually showed up last night!  I called it back in May (via facebook notes) “…and with shanahan in place as the head coach now, and portis knowing he isn’t going to put up with his BS, i think we could very well see another 1000 yd season out of him, assuming he makes it through the off-season and see playing time.

all in all, im rooting for portis! and in combo with mcnabb, we might just see somethin badass come outta washington. we got some good picks this year in the draft i think. so here’s hopin.” — and all in all, i may get my wish! GO SKINS! GO PORTIS!]

with that said, i give you, clinton portis — highlights!

evolution and llamas

ok, I am running a little late on posting my hump day videos, but it’s been a busy morning! I was SOOOO going to post this video of my friend dancing in her car, but it doesn’t accept the file type from my iphone so I will have to convert it before I can post it. So instead, I decided to leave you with this guy who shows you the evolution of dance. It is funny in moments, watch it all the way through, and even when it isn’t all that funny, you just can’t look away! At least I never managed to. So here it is, happy hump day!

oh and if you dont watch the dancing at least spend a minute and watch llamas in hats: HILARIOUS!

what happened today in history

what happened today in history:

1522 – Magellan’s expedition circumnavigates the globe

1844 – John C Freemont reached the Great Salt Lake (old west style)

1901 – President McKinley is shot

1915 – the first tank is produced!

1995 – Cal Ripken Jr breaks Gehrig’s record, plays in 2,131 straight games

1997 – some 2.5 billion viewers watched Princess Di’s funeral and Elton John sang a newly edited version of Candle in the wind at said funeral


my finest moment

and lucky you! I decided to share with you one of my finest moments!

(and yes, I am that narcissistic that I had to wish myself a happy being-born day!)

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