What I am thankful for…

Sorry to go all sappy on you but this is how I am feelin today.

Well, Thanksgiving was awesome. I spent the week in and out of my Nissan X-Terra, Fredreicha, in the Washington DC metro area with family and friends.

I have a renewed appreciation for my friends at home. They are the most forgiving, loving, and amazing group of people that I know. So many things have happened between myself and various friends from home and yet things don’t change so much, as they do evolve. The friendships I have at home have adapted and for the most part, I am able to go home, see people and pick right up where I left off. I like this. And not only that, but they accepted my fiance with open arms. We had such an amazing time with my family and friends at home this past week. I am thankful for those people that I was able to see and spend time with. I am thankful for the ones that I wasn’t able to meet up with and see also (as they are still very good friends, just missed them this past week due to family activities).

I am thankful for my parents who are amazing people, two of the most amazing and caring people I know and am grateful to have one awesome set of parents who are proud of me and want me to succeed.

I am thankful to my older brother (we are 14 months apart) for a lot of reasons. He is hilarious and intelligent and considerate (thoughtful even). I am most thankful for him, because he showed me this hilarious video:

I am thankful for the people who made time to see me, for the roads not sucking way bad and making my 20 hour drive worse than a 20 hour drive was already… and I am thankful that I was given the opportunity to bring my dog back with me.

I am thankful that I have an understanding and loving fiance who met my extended family and who made the 20 drive with me (there and another 20 hour drive back) and didn’t kill me.

And I am thankful for my good friends out here who welcomed me back last night with big smiles and stories. Amazing people, everyone in my life seems to be.

Hope everyone had a good week and a good thanksgiving. I miss DC.


Happy Wednesday peoples!

Half-way through the week, and here I am to provide you with some entertainment to get you through the rest of your work week.  And to help me get through the rest of the homework and work-work I have for this week.

I think this week, we will do some photos and a video or two!

The video isn’t embedding properly, but if you go to this link,. you can watch this epic fail at starting a fight:


Hope all this helped, because it made my day better just looking for this stuff!  Happy Hump Day!

This is naaaaaaasty!

dude. this is straight nasty. check it:

yea, thas right. homeboy’s got chains coming out of his arm. He was chained so tightly to a shed that his skin started growing over the chains. that just isn’t right yo! anyway. this is nasty. nice way to start a sunday morning. more information on chain-armed-chinese-boy here


Good evening to my hump day readers

YOU MUST LISTEN TO THIS SONG WHILE YOU READ THIS POST!  (just press play and read the post)


I am coming to you after work, when you all are prolly sitting around with a significant other and thinking “sexy thoughts”… well I have one for you, and it prolly isn’t what you think.

So I was making a cd for my bestie and she asked me to put this song called toot it and boot it on there. Mind you, I dig the beat and had downloaded it a couple of weeks back. So I am jammin out and that song comes on and I listened to some of the words, and immediately my thoughts went to this dude is singin and rappin about farting and then puking…. NO WAY! Keep in mind, I did not have a visual because I was JUST listening to the music….

So at this point I decide to investigate further… and I discover that homeboy isn’t rappin about farting and puking but hitting it and quitting it… and so it got me thinkin…

Maybe people should rap about farting and puking for once because they always joke about it and when you think about it hittin it and quittin it… slightly disrespectful and not to mention it’s WAY over done.

anyway, good beat. makes your head bob. thas about it.

Happy hump day! and know that I am retarded, but it makes me laugh.

McBusters! The Sequel

I posted the first video here. This is truly awesome! SOOOO happy they made a sequel.

Happy Hump Day!!!



also this song is pretty awesome. big fan of wale. DC  REPPIN!!!!

Insane Ramblings – Political edition

This isn’t about which political party you belong to or your political leanings. To be honest, I could give two shits what your opinions are on today’s most pressing political topics. I am not expressing mine, so please keep yours to yourself.

What this post is actually about today is the lack of people voting. You say you care about politics and you are one sentence away from getting into a huge argument over abortion or health care or whatever. Fact of the matter is, that regardless of your political leanings, if you don’t vote, you might as well sit down and save it!

I been on facebook and twitter, and a lot of people seem to be supporting the act of voting.  But then you get the occasional people who are of the attitude of why vote since the candidates are going to mess it up anyway… or the “i’m-exercising-my-right-not-to-vote”…. yea these people are special.  And these are the people I am referring to…

[side note: if you are a felon, please ignore this as you are not able to exercise your right to vote and I get that]

These kinds of people really grind my gears. And I think there should be a law about this kind of shit…an exception to freedom of speech (1st amendment)… You don’t vote, you can’t bitch about what the politicians do to this country. You have an opportunity, as an American citizen, to vote for the people who represent you in your government. A lot of people don’t have that opportunity… even in this country — felons, immigrants who are on green card, and so on. So why not take advantage of it?  And if you don’t then shut your mouth and save your rants for someone who is willing to overlook the fact that you want to bitch about something you could have helped change.

and i will get off my soap box now.