bikes, stripes, fruit striped dance party bikes?

so what originally sparked this post and the thoughts of this post was a couple of things. One was the fact that my husby and I are making a conscious effort to get into biking.

The second is that today, I was outside, walking Aldy around and waiting for him to pee in the heat of the afternoon and this awesome jam comes on, ok no lie… it was Be-yon-ce. Ring the alarm. And I just started breakin it down hand movements and rump shaking…. and as I am doing a turn around ring the alarm motion, I see that across the street an older dude wearin cowboy boots and denim vest and shades, sitting on the stoop, was staring at me laughing to himself. And it  ade me realize that while at that moment it was funny, that phrase about dancing like no one is watching and singin like no one is around… yea, it’d be a shorter phrase if you just said stop giving a shit and your life will get a lot better. I get it…. it’s a PR world. Life is what you make it and while many are trying to watch their image because they represent something much bigger whether it be through their job or their family or so on, the ones that don’t care, seem to have a little more fun (openly anyway) and I def see advantages to BOTH life styles.

so today, I gave it more of a shot and proceeded (after dancing) to sing and RAP really loudly. It led to some embarrassing moments but I am learning to push pass those and move forward.

Now to address the first part of this post… biking. I have never been much of a biker. I have had friends that are extreme bikers… some of my coworkers bike to work. Even my boss bikes in to work occasionally. My thoughts, as I rode the metro this morning, were to maybe give biking to work a shot. I spoke with a couple of my coworkers who ride every day. One woman swears it’s her sanity. And she recommended I speak with the head of our photog dept, so I did. He got me set up with the woman who is going to give me a bike key and then also is going to show me where to go with my bike to lock it up and where to go to shower up and such. He is even gonna share his route with me since part of his route is the majority of mine. Anyway, so thoughts? Any other bikers out there that bike to work?

Also, we plan on getting a doggy cruiser/trailer to pull our pug along with my husby and I on bike trips (see below). My dad says I am crazy and couldnt even begin to fathom why I would want to do something like that.

(this is not my pug pictured… when we get him a trailer, I will get up a pic.) anyway gotta start dinner and walk the puggy. tata for now.


thoughts on a hump day


so lately I have been trying to work on my other site, my online portfolio (when it is up and running, I will release the URL). I have also been trying to finish up some side projects. Hope to have the last one completed this evening. And I have been writing my first-ever legit iPhone app, as well as working on a hopefully awesome business plan! Just call me an entreprenerd. My most recent thoughts were and have been about the fact that approx 99.99999999% of reality stars have written books. I didnt know they could read, let alone write, except maybe Vinny from Jersey Shore. He always struck me as somewhat intelligent, lacking the extreme shallow gene that the others had. Now, this in no way is me knocking jersey shore’s entertainment value — it is very high, especially when you turn it into other forms of entertainment… like betting… or i know some people who have turned it into a drinking game. Anyway, so in order to be fair, I have been browsing through some of the different reality stars’ books and reading reviews, trying to determine which ones I could or could not stomach. I feel like I have to read one and provide a review to actually give it all a fair shot. I will keep you apprised.

Now on to Wednesday madness:

Submitted from my dear friend Melinda:

These are from randomness on youtube:

from tosh.0:

Howdy howdy howdy!

A couple of things. 1) yes, I DO realize that with every post, my titles get less descriptive then the ones before them. 2) HOLY COCK AND BALLS, I think my pants are on the verge of see-through — mostly just when I bend over (attempts at making myself feel better), which is embarrassing because im at work and not going home for another 4.5 hours, that and they rival circus clowns everywhere:


These pants are probably the reason why most people who clean out their closet, discard shit or donate shit that hasn’t been worn in forever, because that one day… when you DO decide to wear it…. yea…. you end up with what I am experiencing today… which is REMEMBERING WHY YOU STOPPED WEARING EM IN THE FIRST PLACE.

and 3) there are many things that I have read today that make me think I should be doing more. I have had this idea in the back of my head for some time, that I should be doing and accomplishing more… no, I do not have a birthday coming and I am not turning 30 this year, so this isn’t a crisis thing. This is a I-feel-like-I-should-be-spreading-my-awesome-more kind of thing. Just not quite sure how to do that. Also, there are things I want to do just to have done them. After reading this list, I feel like I should possibly create one and then attempt to accomplish said things.  Or this other dude who is trying to complete his MIT challenge, of learning the entire 4 years of MIT Comp Sci curriculum in 12 months — that is an impressive challenge. So far he is 20/33 classes of the way there….

These people and many others (like the guy who encourages $100 startups) are inspiring and make me feel like I am not doing or accomplishing enough. And I would like to sit here and type the inspirational crap like:

ay yai yai yai yai yai yai
(xena battle cry)


and other inspirational albeit (sadly) unlikely things to happen. I am lazy. After working 8.5 hours with a 40 minute commute each way and a puppy to take care of, I got other shit I wanna do… like sit on my ass and watch TV before starting the hours of homework or coding that I do each evening. And when I get breaks from said homework (due to end of semester and such) or finish a side project, the last thing I truly desire is to take on and begin doing more shit….

Yes, I realize I have and am spewing a defeatist attitude. I prefer to think of it as realistic…. no? no one buying that one eh? Aight, so I guess I need to change, and take whatever magic little pill that gives my perky neighbor her hours of energy (which include but aren’t limited to walking on her wood floors late at night in heels or jumping around at 6am or having work done on her apt on a saturday morning… at 7am)…. but since she prolly isnt on a pill, I guess I will have to settle for some kind of motivational speech that I will need to give myself….. NOW. staaaarting NOW!. UGH

Ok, so here’s what I got for ya. I wasted a bunch of my life being super unproductive and essentially a plague on society as we know it. So, in order to give back, I went and gave back, working 50+ hours a week with one day off for an excellent place in the middle of nowhere. Now, with that being said, it does not mean that since I have moved, I am entitled to (ok got distracted mid sentence by music… and why in god’s name do we need another album from owl city?! wasn’t one enough!??! –just sayin) …. now, I will continue…

As I was saying, now, since I have moved that does not mean I am entitled to slack off. I had big plans for the two months I had off between classes. Finish the iPhone app I have been coding, begin and finish a project with my brother, complete my personal portfolio and my amazing jQuery masterpiece, which is going to be awesome (and you will know more when I decide you can). But, in true becca fashion, I have gotten distracted from these with the idea of writing and developing a business plan for a company I would like to start (once again need to know and you dont right now, cause I can’t have my idea-sssss stoled; YES THEY ARE THAT AWESOME!). With all of this being said, I have other, simpler goals that I would like to accomplish sometime in my lifetime…. I don’t have a goal for when they will be done, just sometime… in the future…. yea, can’t really be more exact, but one thing I do know is that I am frying my brain with all of the TV I have been watching recently…. and I am kind of over my ass growing in size forcing me to buy new pants… or return to old pants, like the gems shown above…. SO! with that being said (yes, I failed at week 3 of eating right and exercising), I will be getting off of my ass and trying to experience more life. I will put together a list and post it sometime in the not-so-distant future, and then I will cross things off as I go. And in theory I will post about it as well.

To start, try yoga has been on my list for sometime, so we can cross that off with a great feeling of pride and the knowledge that I love yoga and have been going to at least one class each week, which I am hoping to expand to 3 or 4 classes a week soon, maybe I can rearrange my work schedule and start coming in a little later to make classes in the morning… who knows.

Also on my list (for sure and just thinking out loud here) is sky diving, which my husband and I both want to do. We will want to look like this:

but will prolly end up looking like this:

and then do this:

yea, pants pooping… it happened… and it might happen if I ever make it to skydiving, well, correction, WHEN I make it to skydiving. With that said, I will send out a warning for where we will be jumping so there will be no poop raining down on your head that day.

And aside from that, I would like to end this with a brilliant song, as I feel revitalized and you will too. You will feel like you are going to be starting a new life with me.

Allow me to reintroduce myself, my name is OH! H to the O-V (I think he meant to say BECCA there)

And if you choose to stop reading after this post because you think I am full of it and you want no part than that is fine too… but know that ninja monkeys are going to come to your house and fling poop at you…. the rest of you, who stay with me here, you guys are 100% awesome!!! and this adventure is going to be LEGEN…. WAIT FOR IT! …. DARY!!!!


BOOM! Battle cry APPLIED!


friday on the brain

You ever decide you are going to write something and then realize that you have nothing to write about (or really… no appropriate thoughts for the public)…. yea, that totally just happened! HAH!

I guess since I lack real stuff of substance, I will just babble on about the latest happenings until it develops into something more (if it doesn’t, I am truly sorry). Currently, as in RIGHT NOW, my coworker is reading something out loud. It is distracting me from my thoughts of nothingness, but is definitely entertaining. My dog had surgery and then couldn’t hold food down, but he seems to be doing better. I finally picked my focuses for my Masters… well, I picked one of them for sure, the other has been narrowed down to one of two: Software engineering (for sure) and either Cyber Security or Database Administration (what’re your thoughts, readers?). I am loving life on twitter and stuff with the family and husby are good.

My second week of eating better and attempting exercise were somewhat successful. Soccer game monday, yoga tuesday (LOVING YOGA), run on wednesday, nothing on Thursday… actually ate salad and have started replacing processed sugar with fruit. GO TEAM BECCA!

My mother’s side of the family has decided to have a reunion this summer. That is def interesting as we haven’t had an organized one in YEARS. They must have had so much fun at my wedding, that they could hardly contain themselves and wait any longer to see each other! Other than that, not much else to report….

I have begun some side projects instead of side work. I am wrapping up all side work so that I can focus for the next month and a half on my side projects of app development with my big brother, Ben; online portfolio improvement and awesomeness; my special all encompassing amazing website that will show the world my excellent talents! That’s right, be jealous, im awesome. that is all.

If I think of why I opened this post in the first place, I may post again. We shall see. So stay tuned and be sure to check back!

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Also, I support and agree with this:

From Consistent Exercise Week 1, with Love

Hello! And welcome!

Week 1 of the exercise has begun and it was NOT a total loss! To recap and summarize… when I had a 3 minute commute (literally), I would get up at 530 and run and work out and then shower up and still make it to work by 730. Now, I have approx a 40 min commute (to a sweet ass job that I love mind you, so, def worth the efforts), walking 13-17 min to the metro – depending on how slow I am feeling – and then 16 min metro ride and a 4-6 min walk from L’enfant to NASA headquarters in downtown DC. But with the longer commute, I don’t have as much time to run in the morning and still walk the pup and get myself together before having to be out of the door by 645 or 650. Yes, I walk to the metro, but that doesn’t mean that I am getting the daily exercise that I used to and in turn not feeling as awesome (although still awesome enough, hehehe)…. not only that, but since moving back here in late October, I have gained approx 7-10 lbs from the amazingness that we call food options here. So with all of this being said, I decided this week to make an effort to begin the exercising.

To get sappy for a moment, my husby says he’d love me even if I were to gain a ton of weight, but the shallow side of me says I won’t love me as much as I liked the healthy me 8 months ago. So in the desire to love me more (narcissistic as that sounds)…. and be healthy and blahblahblah, I strapped on my running shoes last weekend and went for a 3 mile run on Sunday, closing out with lunges. On Monday, I played a full 90 minutes of soccer, in the field. On Tuesday, I convinced my friend Erin (who was a really good sport about it all) to try bikram yoga — definitely interesting and definitely an amazing workout! Did you know shins could sweat? I had no idea!!! On Wednesday, I took the night off and went to my friends’ house to watch the caps play. And last night, we had our very first NASA softball game! GO DEEP SPACE 9!!!!

Tonight, Erin and I are planning on hanging out to kick off her birthday weekend which will include wine riot, a special ice cream treat I have on order, and a couple of other things! She turns 29 on Monday and we are going to get in as much fun and awesomeness as possible. My husband and another friend, Leslie, will be accompanying us to wine riot. I am pretty excited for this weekend to go down! My parents will be watching Aldy all day on Saturday so that we can effectively shuttle Erin from place to place. I will post pics after.

Not much else to report. If you want more of me throughout the week, with pics of the craziness that ensues, follow me on twitter: @onelittlebecca

The Wake up Process

Drinking coffee



waking up...



and GO TIME!!!