Insane Ramblings – Political edition

This isn’t about which political party you belong to or your political leanings. To be honest, I could give two shits what your opinions are on today’s most pressing political topics. I am not expressing mine, so please keep yours to yourself.

What this post is actually about today is the lack of people voting. You say you care about politics and you are one sentence away from getting into a huge argument over abortion or health care or whatever. Fact of the matter is, that regardless of your political leanings, if you don’t vote, you might as well sit down and save it!

I been on facebook and twitter, and a lot of people seem to be supporting the act of voting.  But then you get the occasional people who are of the attitude of why vote since the candidates are going to mess it up anyway… or the “i’m-exercising-my-right-not-to-vote”…. yea these people are special.  And these are the people I am referring to…

[side note: if you are a felon, please ignore this as you are not able to exercise your right to vote and I get that]

These kinds of people really grind my gears. And I think there should be a law about this kind of shit…an exception to freedom of speech (1st amendment)… You don’t vote, you can’t bitch about what the politicians do to this country. You have an opportunity, as an American citizen, to vote for the people who represent you in your government. A lot of people don’t have that opportunity… even in this country — felons, immigrants who are on green card, and so on. So why not take advantage of it?  And if you don’t then shut your mouth and save your rants for someone who is willing to overlook the fact that you want to bitch about something you could have helped change.

and i will get off my soap box now.


And now for something truely disgusting…

So I been thinkin for a few days now that it is time to update this thing. Here is my problem: every time I think about updating this thing, only one topic comes to mind… poop. Yes, I am serious. I mean, look at all of the things that poop has to do with: work, every day life, that special private time (what I call “becca time”) that you get when you’re in the potty and no one bothers you….animals fling poop…yea. They do. So naturally, this subject kept coming back to mind when I would think about what to write about, ’cause it wasn’t leaving until I did this… 😀

With all that noted, I been wondering if most people are like me and think about what they are going to do during their special time that they get each day. I like to read when I have “becca time”; I believe that is an inherited trait, as I learned by example from my elders… I mean seriously, my dad had it right man, you live in a house with your wife and two kids who always need something and the only quiet time you get, guaranteed, is in the potty. Reading only makes sense.

So anyway, back to my point — I been wondering what other people do in the potty. It isn’t like I have some sick desire to watch people sit and crap all day, but I do want to know if you, like me, read during your “you time”; do you play on your laptop; do you listen to your ipod or watch a movie on your ipod; do you stare at the wall; DO YOU HAVE A TV IN YOUR POTTY CAUSE YOU THOUGHT AHEAD?!???!

I know I can’t be the only one who wonders this. OOH! And here is another thought, also about poop… do you poop at work or in public, or will you only poop at your house? Are you like me where the girls bathroom is only one room and in between the offices of your boss’ boss, and your immediate boss’ husband and you feel like if you pooped at work you would get razzed until long after the smell left the room? Yea, true story, I feel like I can’t poop at work.

So yea, seriously… what’s your story?