Randomity at it’s finest.

I’ve been reading a lot of random stuff lately… trying to catch up on politics I missed over the summer during my 6 week intense class…so between reading to catch up on all of the public events I have missed and I have also been contemplating lots of different things.

I have been doing web design and development for close to a decade (8 years and some change) and it is awesome. I like it. It allows me to explore both creative and problem solving sides of me, but I want more. I have a thirst to do more, be more, see more, live more, everything… just MORE. More, more and more. Can I have another helping of interesting, and another dose of inspiration? Please? NOW! If you are truly passionate about something, then you should go get it. Don’t lie down. Don’t let someone tell you that you cannot achieve something. Chances are they are in their own rut and they are speaking about themselves. My mother, one of the most amazing women I know, has been watching me over the past couple of weeks. When I told her I wanted to run a half marathon, her initial reaction was “start with something smaller, shorter, less” and my response to that was why? I kept pushing. She is now thinking and has voiced that she believes I can do this half marathon thing. She believed in me before I believed in myself as far as grad school goes. She is truly an amazing woman. Extraordinary if you will. During a time when most would be crumbling, she persevered and achieved her doctorate at the ripe age of 62. She is an inspiration who didn’t listen when people told her no or cant or wont.

She gave me the ability to tune out those words as well. You say I can’t code something because I don’t know how? Would you tell Steve Jobs he couldn’t innovate or tell Bill Gates he couldn’t code or Mark Zuckerburg that facebook WONT work…. all of these people started with someone telling them they couldnt.

Ignore the negative, embrace the positive. I was recently talking to a good friend of mine (past coworker, turned amazing friend, turned neighbor) and she was having some life dilemmas. We have been talking a lot lately about the future and what there is to it. She is a unique being who is a total trooper. I asked her a question about whether she thought people could make a life out of being inspirational speaking and life coaching? She said yes and that I had inspired her. This got me thinking. We continued the discussion, ending with me in all caps stating NO MAN LEFT BEHIND!

I know this has been a jumble of thoughts, but I want to take this time to encourage all of you to do one thing today or over the next couple of weeks that you thought you could never do. Sign up for a race, write an article for a local blog or paper, make a music video, start a movement…. do what makes you feel awesome. DO SOMETHING THAT SCARES (or surprises) YOU!.


Stay tuned. More to come.


I was called a magical unicorn today

I was called a magical unicorn today and I cannot lie, it kinda made may already awesome Friday a little better!  I have also decided that I want to be addressed as such from now on. Hence forth, I will only respond to “the Magical Unicorn”…………………………………………………..or Becca……. BAH!  This came about because I was able to get information out of my brother that I guess no one else could? OR! he knows I would continue to ask him and bother him until he told me. POINT LITTLE SISTER!!! BOOM!

I have a couple of things to address, so I am going to try and do it quickly….

I want to preface this first thing by saying that this is a broad statement and this rant has been brewing for approx three months. It is directed at no one in particular (SERIOUSLY, if it was, i would call them out in person to their FACE, cause that is the humane thing to do)…

If you know how to slap up a cms (like wordpress, joomla, drupal, etc) and you can install a premade theme on to the cms, YOU ARE NOT A WEB DESIGNER. YOU ARE NOT A WEB DEVELOPER! You are discounting my entire profession and the time I have worked to build up my shit.

  • Do I use wordpress? um DUH! Because it is easy and convenient.
  • Could I code you a website in PHP/CSS/HTML/Java/JQuery, yes.
  • Could I create a homegrown CMS in PHP that was user friendly with a decent GUI and have it be exactly what is wanted? yes. I have started creating my own CMS actually. Just for the HELL OF IT! THAT IS HOW AWESOME I AM!
  • Now, do I mean this part of the post to call out anyone in particular, no. No, I do not.

Actually, some people I work with in my spare time who want websites built, know how to use wordpress, just not how to design, customize and develop the sites. These people are AWESOME because they openly admit to these facts and actually want to LEARN more about how to design and create the sites. One has even asked to learn more about it, and that is part of the website creation deal we made. It was factored in because I ENCOURAGE IT.

This rant does NOT by any means apply to or discount the people that can code in HTML and use CSS to their advantage and so on….

Now with all of this being said, my final statement… I have seen and heard many a person advertise themselves as developers and designers because they can throw up a premade system and a premade design… it is insulting. STOP.

OK! WHEW! I have been holding that in for about 3 months. Anywho, onto the more fun parts of this post.

We are at FRIDAY, what are you all doing this weekend? Here is a list from scoutmob of stuff to do: http://scoutmob.com/washington-dc/scoutfinds/4118 — their eat-local-street-bar things looks good! I will be headed into clarendon tonight to watch my soccer team get wild and crazy on a pub crawl of sorts (SOBER WALKER RIGHT HERE!). Then tomorrow night, I will be headed further into old town to try out a new sushi joint and celebrate my brother’s 30th birthday. While we are celebrating slightly late, he is slightly old. SO no worries there. He is awesome though! And he is SO awesome that I overnighted part of his gift just so I could make sure it was perfect and I may or may not procrastinate… worst thing ever, his gf (she’s AWESOME) reminded me like two or three weeks ago. hahaha I suck.

This next bit may or may not interest you…. but I am in love with Pot Belly’s Mediterranean Sandwich. It is good with and without chicken. You can preorder and it has the right amount of salt, spice, and flavor that you really dont need to add anything extra.

Now with that being said, I am starving. I will leave you with a couple of final things.

1) I am going to five guys for lunch, why? because i ran 3 miles this morning at 5:15am.

2) Here is your friday funny (mute if you dont wanna hear the awful freakin song):

3) Here are your friday grooves:

90s throwback 1: Sublime, What I got (reminding you to always be thankful)

90s throwback 2: Toadies, Possum Kingdom

To Prep you for the Weekend: LMFAO, Shots.


Lost on the Brain

soooooooooooooooooooooo it’s Thursday but feels like it should be Monday with all the crap that has rained down on me in my little universe between yesterday and today. I am really trying to give it all a positive spin, but unfortunately I am struggling more than usual today…. maybe by the end of today I will have it sorted.

What sucks is there is a lot I want to say, but know I should now on a public forum. I am upset and offended in a couple of area of my life. Guess its up to me to sort it out somehow or just let it go.

But alas, let us move forward. What have I done recently? I have started an intense 6 week course. 150-200 pages of reading a week, 3 hours of class divided into two nights, quiz every week and a group project every other week. SLAMMED. The class prevents me from playing softball until august 11 and it isn’t that I am a huge fan of softball, but I am a fan of our team.

I had a July 4th bbq. It was awesome! We had SOOOOO much food and it seemed like everyone (and their dogs) had a great time!  We even set off fireworks!

We are getting our performance reviews in the next week or so… I may be one of the first as mine is today. I am hoping it goes well.

My brother turned 30 and my parents have achieved 40 years of marriage.

My a/c crapped out, came back and then crapped out again.

I don’t have much else to report today… hope your Thursday goes well.


Thanks for stopping by.

half way through the week and already a full week’s worth of thoughts

So here we are…. wednesday…. again. Half way through the week and I already have a full week’s worth of thinking happening in my tiny little egg shaped brain. I have thought a lot about what I want and about gut feelings. And I have thought back to how many times I have done something when my gut hasnt supported it or wasnt totally sold. Often times, I end up regretting those decisions and I know why my gut isn’t sold or isn’t into it… and after so many recent mistakes of NOT following my gut and listening to my gut, and im talking about BIG mistakes, I have decided to listen to my gut. This time around, I have no idea what my gut is doing, but I have opted to listen. For some reason, my gut knows more than I do. I just hope I don’t regret my decision and DAMN, I sound wishy washy.

Anyway, just had to get that offa my chest.

Happy Wednesday. Nothing for hump day today.

friday on the brain

You ever decide you are going to write something and then realize that you have nothing to write about (or really… no appropriate thoughts for the public)…. yea, that totally just happened! HAH!

I guess since I lack real stuff of substance, I will just babble on about the latest happenings until it develops into something more (if it doesn’t, I am truly sorry). Currently, as in RIGHT NOW, my coworker is reading something out loud. It is distracting me from my thoughts of nothingness, but is definitely entertaining. My dog had surgery and then couldn’t hold food down, but he seems to be doing better. I finally picked my focuses for my Masters… well, I picked one of them for sure, the other has been narrowed down to one of two: Software engineering (for sure) and either Cyber Security or Database Administration (what’re your thoughts, readers?). I am loving life on twitter and stuff with the family and husby are good.

My second week of eating better and attempting exercise were somewhat successful. Soccer game monday, yoga tuesday (LOVING YOGA), run on wednesday, nothing on Thursday… actually ate salad and have started replacing processed sugar with fruit. GO TEAM BECCA!

My mother’s side of the family has decided to have a reunion this summer. That is def interesting as we haven’t had an organized one in YEARS. They must have had so much fun at my wedding, that they could hardly contain themselves and wait any longer to see each other! Other than that, not much else to report….

I have begun some side projects instead of side work. I am wrapping up all side work so that I can focus for the next month and a half on my side projects of app development with my big brother, Ben; online portfolio improvement and awesomeness; my special all encompassing amazing website that will show the world my excellent talents! That’s right, be jealous, im awesome. that is all.

If I think of why I opened this post in the first place, I may post again. We shall see. So stay tuned and be sure to check back!

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Also, I support and agree with this:

Happy Thursday People!


yknow, I have lived all over. I started my journey in Georgetown Univ Hospital as a wee babe and hit up the suburbs after a few years with the folks and then to college in W Lafayette IN at Purdue (we will call these the glory years); then to foggy bottom; down to Miami, back up to dc, to San Fran and then out to Oklahoma/Texas area…. now I am back in DC….

While I have loved several of the places I have been fortunate enough to live in, none of the places can even compare to DC and the love and connection I feel towards this city. From the beginning of the year to the end, there is always something to celebrate. I wont break it all down for you but I will say that the electricity that runs through this city and fills its people with excitement is amazing. An example would be our losing sports teams… I am a supporter of all teams DC, taking time to specifically follow DC United, the Nats, the Caps, and most importantly the Redskins. The Redskins, have not had a significant season since the passing of Sean Taylor and the end of the second reign of Joe Gibbs (and as sad as I am to say it, that season, while promising, was not as significant as the late 80s and early 90s), and yet even despite the lack of winning and the hatred many fans share towards Dan Snyder, we still have a solid fan base of hopeful and optimistic supporters! I myself am a delusional and hopeful fan with desires of winning more than 6 games this year and wiping the floor with the cowboys (THIS COULD BE OUR SEASON!!!!! RG3!!!!!!)

Another reason to love the city of DC: politicians. I know it sounds silly… a lot of politicians do and say a lot of stupid things (some do amazing things, but i digress)…. being in dc, we get a front row seat to the amazing and crazy times that often ensue. An example of this is Marion Barry. He won the people over despite his spotted past and is an awesome personality on twitter! He did and still does many great things for the people of DC and Ward 8!

The amazingness and special factor of umph that comes with living here is only magnified by the city’s ability to envelope you when you are feeling down or great or anything really. It takes your feelings and enhances them in some way. Makes everything better. A simple rain shower under a tree in eastern market, a sunrise at l’enfant plaza, the view from the roof of NASA HQ (which I just got to experience), all of these things can take your good mood or your bad mood and make it better.

The list of reasons why I love this city is never ending. The people are the key. As much as I say I HATE people (it’s more that I hate stupidity), I really don’t. The people of DC are unique and interesting. From the metro riders every morning to the tourists who come to see the Cherry Blossoms every spring, to the amazing sports fans; the people are what make and electrify this city.

I was talking to a coworker, and she truly inspired me to write this this morning, reminding me of why I love this city and everything about it, even the things I complain about.

Sorry the thoughts are jumbled. I will leave you with two other photos as we part ways today…



humpty humpty hump

OK — pitch for a really neat project I stumbled upon when I was google reading — it is called the Albus Cavus project. Check it out  here! Support in one way or another if ya can.

On to hump day!

Some funniness that happened in my life this past week:











The above picture was seen randomly on the top of a copier… no one was around and no one was playing with them and they were set in the battle position above.

Jerid and I were going by a halloween costume place and we saw this mannequin inside. We got a picture with her because we were such big fans!











Best for last: A coworker has this on the back of his truck.


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