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Hilarity. Just watch. Makes Jersey Shore BETTER! Brittish style!

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So here is the situation. As you know I am a slack, but (!) I have been collecting some pictures from experiences over the past week.

One of my coworkers had to get a rental because her car was on the shop, and the car the rented to her was a pt cruiser. I dont know about you, but when I first saw this car I started laughing. It is short and tiny and has a big BUTT on the end of it. Just an all together weird car. Anywho, so I get in because we are running to another part of the area where we work and it is a short drive away. RIGHT in front of the passenger seat is this bar.

This is what I like to call the “butt f&*%” bar

when a passenger (like me) grabs the bar with both hands, it bends you over in the car, in quite a precarious position… so if one were standing… it would be all bad! And this isn’t the only thing wrong with the car!!!!

The window buttons are above the radio in the center! WHO on god’s green earth would put them there?!

the car baffles me. Other than that, I would like to discuss the wildlife in the middle of nowhere. There are quite a lot of animals out here where I currently am. Deer, birds, and bugs… and a TON of different types of spiders; including but not limited to tarantulas and black widows and brown recluses. With that said, the spiders manage to get into our offices a lot.  There happened to be one crawling on my boss’s window. I like to kill spiders. This spider was no exception and was extremely LARGE.

In the picture above, I have taken the liberty of circling where I killed the spider. The brown spots you see are all of the guts that exploded from the spider. What makes this hiularious is that, the spider SLID down the window. The whole time I am watching this, all I can think is… my boss is not going to like this…. and laughing as my other boss was observing what was going on. He told me to leave it there for my female boss. HAHAHAHHA (i cleaned it up to the best of my ability).  Thought that was funny.

Anyway, this is my hilarious hump day post, you might have had to be there for these. If you know me, just imagine this happening. Now that you got that in your head, hope you see why it was so funny.

I will try to be more on top of shit. Also, I enjoy sharing things that actually happened.  And just as an extra, a bird crapped on my head yesterday. Thought you guys would appreciate that one too.





Last night was a Monday night. We decided to go to a concert… an hour and a half away, on a Monday night. Although it was not our best thought out plan, it was hands down one of the best performances that I have seen. We went and saw Lady GaGa in concert. It was amazing. She is more than just an artist, but actually a true performer.  Therefore making the tired, heavy and aching eyes completely a moot point.  I am not gonna lie. I would happily take another near sleepless night to see her in concert again.

The opening act was Semi Precious Weapons. The lead singer definitely made the performance interesting and worth watching.

Gaga took about an hour to come on stage (which was frustrating) but after the first song and seeing what we were going to be getting for two hours straight, it was hard to stay angry.  She came out in 2008 just in time to see Madonna off. She is on the same level of extreme as Madonna was in the 80s which was WAY extreme. Madonna dies off (and rightly so… kinda like how the stones need to — not saying both artists are bad, just saying there should be a tour expiration, thas all…. but to each their own) and Lady Gaga pops up. And just wow.

And you know as controversial and provactive as her videos and outfits can be, she is doing a lot of positive stuff, not just for the LGBT community, but also for people in general. She said some pretty inspirational, albeit cheesy, stuff last night as she lived up to her full potential as a role model to the tweens of this world. She said to everyone: “This is for everyone who’s been told they weren’t pretty enough, or smart enough, or skinny enough, or talented enough, or a good enough singer or a good enough songwriter or a good enough dancer… because everyone told me I’d NEVER, EVER be a pop star…” – insert gutteral scream – “… but now I’m here to SET YOU FREE. When you go home, don’t love me more. Love YOURSELF more.”

Anyway. Every bit of a performance that I expected and then some on top of that.  Oh and side note, I wore a fanny pack. It was awesome and I am SOOOOOO bring back the fanny pack! BRINGIN THE PACKS BACK!