Hump day makes a comeback!

Hello all. Today, I bring you back the hump day you have all been missing!!!!   I know we all need it; whether you got haters hatin on you, or people bein fuckin idiots (yea, i might have some of those), or friends who are doin stupid shit  and refuse to see that what they are doin is stupid, or just your every day coworker who wont stop trying to suggest to you a variety of things that are just annoying…. anyway, I know we all have one or some people from each category…  Well, hopefully this will relieve all this for you. I know it worked for me!

Internet Predator Poster

To start this glorious hump day off, we have this amazingly awesome poster about creepy people. Seriously though, sometimes I wonder if there actually are people taking pictures, yknow?



<a href=””><img class=’event-item-lol-image’ src=’; title=”epic fail photos – High Jump Attempt FAIL gif” alt=”epic fail photos – High Jump Attempt FAIL gif” height=”228px” width=”400px” /></a><br />see more <a href=””>funny videos</a>

epic fail photos - High Jump Attempt FAIL gif

and we will wrap up with this, to let you know that people here REALLY care.


Could you be Loved?

dude, so i know it has been a little bit of time since my last post. here is the deal: i have recently taken on a bunch of extra curricular activities. all of them take time and one of them is helping to shape my future (school).  so i havent made a whole lot of time to create blog posts in the recent weeks. my bad yo. i will try to get better about that.

now, i know today is Wednesday; hump day. but before we get to the hump day posts, i feel the need to express some recent changes i have made in myself.

I am no longer one of the blue balls. i am now a yellow ball! YOU CAN BE ONE TOO!!!

recently, i have tried to take a turn towards a more positive life. i have cut back on swearing, gossip, trash tv, and a number of other things that are bad for me (although i did up the sugar intake hehe).  since i have been actively trying to be more positive, i have managed to handle situations differently then i used to, and THIS is a good thing. causing me less strife. anyway, this video, not necessarily super positive in lyrics, but actually just in the message the video footage itself sends makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. it also allowed me to get a renewed appreciation for my once favorite band and has allowed me to see this band in a new and more positive light rather than associating them with the darkest period of my life. so here ya go:

all of this has also caused me to realize that i have some truly excellent people in my life :-).  i celebrated my two year anniversary with myself earlier this month; two years of amazing times and i actually REMEMBER ALL OF THEM! with that said, it helped bring about this change. with that said, i will now provide you with somethin for hump day 🙂



Happy humpday


so here’s the deal…. i get that because i drive a nissan x-terra people think it will do great in snow, that it is an all-wheel drive or 4WD SUV… news flash!!!! not all models are all-wheel drive/4WD — for some unknown, yet, utterly retarded reason, they made the Nissan X-terra with a 2wd option… and I am not talking Front wheel drive… OH NO! it is rear wheel drive…. and i happen to own one of these types of the car… a rear wheel drive nissan x-terra…

now, if you know anything about driving in snow or ice and anything about rear wheel drive vehicles, then you know that my car wont do well in this stuff… so please stop asking.  thank you.  becca


ps:  and why in god’s name would anyone make an SUV REAR WHEEL DRIVE!?? That is just stupid. and i know it is even stupider to buy one… so yea, my bad. BWAAAAAAAHHHHHH

2010 sum-up

So, I have been pretty much non-existent the past week and a half. I have no excuse as to why. I have been chillin out with Lou-dog:

doesn’t he just look really comfortable? Like… more comfortable than you or I will ever manage to make ourselves? 🙂

Let’s see, in 2010 what happened? I moved to the middle of nowhere from DC (dc, i miss you. and i love you.); I got my haircut; finished my half sleeve; saw Tool live; made a whole ton of websites — didn’t believe in the reasoning behind all of em, but made em no less; got a macbook; brought my dog out to the middle of nowhere to hang out; had Christmas out here…

I call this economy santa… didn’t have enough money due to the recession, had to give his reindeer the year off…

I waited for a week for Skillz to drop his 2010 wrap up and make this post… and he didn’t drop it until yesterday… he had people BEGGING him for it on Twitter… and yes I was one of them. Oh, and I went to sleep before midnight for the second year in a row. What a winning year 2010 was!!! hahahaha. so 2011, bring it on!

And here is Skillz 2010 wrap up (I wouldn’t tell you about it and then do you guys dirty and not include it):