It is Best to be Prepared in a Zombie Apocalypse

There are a couple of things I want to touch on… hope I can remember em all before I publish this post, so here goes…

1) It is best to be prepared in a zombie apocalypse…

If you know something is coming and it is going to be bad, or just blah, why not prepare for it? Zombie apocalypses are especially important to prepare for!

And lemme tell you, if anyone is going to end up dead in a zombie apocalypse, I refuse to let it be me! Zombie apocalypses are big and scary looming events. The only way to be prepared (in my mid) is to have an escape route, two shotguns, plenty of ammo, a broad sword, a huge pair of balls (aka: guts) and a partner with the same qualities!

I want to take a brief note to discuss how this was a total factor for me when marrying my husband, Jerid. My husband is an amazing and helpful man. Very considerate of my needs and wants, he often lets me take the lead on all things in our lives, giving input as we go and subscribing to the philosophy of happy wife=happy life. Now, this is not to say that he doesn’t have opinions and he doesn’t express them… he does have opinions and he does express them. And I listen. We have a partnership, not a me-ship (as much as I like to think so from time to time). And often times when we have separate opinions, he has a viable and justifiable reason to have said opinions about things. My point being, my husband is awesome. He would totally be an excellent killing partner in a zombie apocalypse and has been nothing but supportive during this whole confusing time I have going on…aka: my zombie apocalypse.

This one is just funny (sorry for the foul language mommy) and kinda true.. ok, really true, but who’s keeping count? Prolly people like me… and my brother and my husband and our friends. HAHAHAHA

2) Why the f*#k would you do that?

I read a couple of really neat posts today. One of which discussed this article about a really awesome productivity tool. It got me thinkin, just like the blog post author did, about how many events I agree to that I either don’t want to go to, don’t have the time for, or just can’t do for personal reasons, yet I agree to them anyway… stretching myself WAY too thin and then think to myself something has to give. This event needs to stop happening so I get a chance to breathe and this needs to give over here and really I then think I am an idiot because no one did anything to me but myself. Anyway, the blog post and then the article introduce a really neat productivity tool, where you are presented with a task and then you ask yourself “Why the f— would I do that?” and if you are truly honest with yourself and you dont have a good reason, you end up with more time for the stuff you wanna do. With that being said, a good reason could be because your friend needs your support or your mom asked you… but if you cant think of a good reason then… you should get some free time to, i dunno… do your homework and readings and stuff.

I haven’t tried it, but I intend to start. Maybe y’all should too! Let’s try and get super honest with ourselves.

3) Let us take a moment of silence for the baby panda cub who’s death is still a mystery, a chance to root on the Nats in their first post season berth since 1933… <moment of silence>

4) Let us take a second to YELL AT THE REDSKINS COACHING STAFF

WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU THINKING!?? Cause from the cheap seats, over here… in my living room… it seems like YOU ARENT! Pull your head from your ass and see number 2! Ask yourself why the f*#k would I do that, but alter it to ask “Why the f*#k is that a good play or decision right now with a short time period left? Will  it lose us the game?!

To me this earns a whole number to itself, because this was supposed to be our chance, our season, the change, to TAKE BACK THE DAMN STADIUM, THE DAMN CONFERENCE and possibly achieve a playoff berth. As of now, I am def not impressed with the coaching or the reffing. We are only three games in (1 win, 2 losses thus far), so it is too soon to tell… but if we are going to do better, people have got to get smarter!


ok, this is all i got. happy monday y’all!


Suck it Cowboys Fans, Suck it.

Football season is upon us! And I couldn’t be more ecstatic! Now, being from Washington DC, and currently residing in bible belt country near Dallas, I take a lot of shit from Cowboys fans about being a die hard skins fan.

Now allow me to let you in on a secret, I have been a skins fan since I was in diapers. It was bred into me. The family friend who watched me a my brother while our parents were at work were skins fans to the core. We used to watch the super bowl videos made in 88 and dance to the music played in the background… yea, I am not ashamed! So anyway, being a skins fan here is a little difficult. But I am still a skins fan.

Side note: cowboys fans are worse than the team itself. At best, the fans talk a big game and then hate on you when they lose. At worst, they are like Notre Dame fans who throw shit at you like half drank beer and shit. (did I mention I am a Purdue fan!? It’s my alma mater; graduated in 05 and while they haven’t been good in some time —since drew brees in 01 — I am still a fan)

Now with that said — the skins ROCKED the cowboys last night! And I couldn’t be more thrilled. The dude who got the holding penalty during the last play, yea, he was getting penalties all game. So that inevitably means that you were robbed of nothing. Take the loss like a man and stop hatin! We didn’t hate this bad after years of losing to you, but you better damn well believe we will be gloating that we finally won after the taunting we have received for years of losing as skins fans. So, fellow skins fans to you, I say w00t!. And to all the cowboys fans, alls I got to say to you is, SCOREBOARD! SCOREBOARD!

eat a dick cowboys fans. eat a dick.

[aside on clinton portis — he is one of my all time fave skins players, and everyone was doggin him before the season and he actually showed up last night!  I called it back in May (via facebook notes) “…and with shanahan in place as the head coach now, and portis knowing he isn’t going to put up with his BS, i think we could very well see another 1000 yd season out of him, assuming he makes it through the off-season and see playing time.

all in all, im rooting for portis! and in combo with mcnabb, we might just see somethin badass come outta washington. we got some good picks this year in the draft i think. so here’s hopin.” — and all in all, i may get my wish! GO SKINS! GO PORTIS!]

with that said, i give you, clinton portis — highlights!