One of these things is not like the other…

One of these things is not like the other and that one thing is me….

this is both sad and happy. sad, because due to recent events, i have learned i am very different from some people i thought i was very similar to. but happy because i would rather be different than the same. if that makes sense.

i used to have a notebook in college, that i got from hot topic of all places, that said “you all laugh because im different, i laugh because you’re all the same.”  <—– that is how i feel now. after sleeping and mulling things over and over the past two-three weeks, that is how i am now feeling.

once upon a time, before i moved back to the dc area, i felt that my husband and i were the only peas of a pod that no one else really understood or could ever be a part of. we were different. (side note: if i had to share a pod with anyone, im glad it is him. he is amazing and awesome in every way, despite the 1100 miles in between us. and he gets me like no one else does.) when i moved back here, i thought “dc! home of my brethren! whoop whoop! lots of different people like me.” and adopted said attitude. now this may still be true, but this is only true to an extent.

which was and is more of a one pod wolf pack consisting of jerid and i but then aldy came along, and we said “could it be?” and we became a pack of three…. bahahahahahaha.


Subject:  Wolf packs….

all wolf packs have an elaborate hierarchy.  you can often relate this hierarchy to that of a high school clique or group of friends (some people are more important in the group and some people are omega wolves… the lowest of the low, who sometimes get pushed out or leave…are the most disliked and so on)… i find this interesting when relating it to society… not sure if i am ready to draw comparisons to my own life and such (so if you are ready to do it for me, keep it to yourself).

anywho, forgot where i was going with that. but no matter. infer what you will, you are going to anyway… or hell, point it to your life and take a gander… what do you see?

…and i think im rambling… i may actually need coffee today.

so just to recap. i can see people who are actually in the wolf pack mentality all around me (on the metro, at work, in life). people i know and dont know…. and i was starting to get sucked in. but consider this my notification of pulling my head out of my ass and getting my shit together and getting it straight….pulling myself out of the wolf pack, out of the high school bull shit, away from caring about the crap that is unimportant and petty and more into what is real and important. for the sake of little aldy and jerid. the twos of them need me to be less concerned about social standings and hierarchys and more concerned about how we are going to decorate our condo!!!!!! hehehehehe boom. and boom.

jerid comes in mid march, right when we close on the condo. and i couldn’t be more excited. we have big plans… BIG plans indeed!

also, i have moved on and disconnected from a lot of people on facebook and it feels good. it feels REALLY good. i think that leaving some of these people behind will allow me to move forward with the new life that jerid and i are creating here.

you don’t like it? life too hard? well guess what; LIFE’S HARD, GET A HELMET!

i have always been worried about pressing publish, but today…. TODAY i take a stand. im going to do press publish regardless of the thoughts this post may bring from others. (taking a page from rachael king’s book here)