Happy FREAKIN’ Valentine’s Day

Happy Freakin’ Valentine’s Day

We here at OneLittleBecca Inc. have successfully celebrated the Lonely Hearts Club day on February 14, every year for approximately 13 years. The Lonely Hearts Club, Marshall Edition, founded by Rachel, assisted me through many a v-day. This year, while I am no longer a member, I take time to support my friends that are still members and show my support. I have never been an extreme fan of this day of the year when Hallmark and the jewelry companies have commercialized the celebration of St. Valentine…  although, it is an EXCELLENT excuse to have a party at work.

Our office is like the Office (thursday nights, nbc, 8pm). We have a Party Planning Committee and we use any excuse we can to have a party… often times with cake. YUM! I don’t really have much more on it other than uhhhh go team! And yknow what I will be doing with my fiance this evening…? Plowing our way through season 5 of Lost! SOOOOOOO romantic! hahahahaha

The most accurate Valentine Card!

Happy FREAKIN’ Valentine’s Day!