angry becca = busy becca, who be trifflin?

My angry face

This is my angry face turned determined face

I mention my angry face because some things have occurred that made me angry, but as always, I try to be productive and positive as opposed to negative ants at a picnic. So this is my I am turning my anger into something awesome post/face! Anyway, I have a plan to kinda put on my cooler, tie-dyed big kid pants, have a little fun without the frustrations and angers that I allow to come into my space. Instead, I am going to put on the new tie-dyed big girl pants I just bought. I think the blue ones I had were wearing out anyway. And if anyone needs a reference on where to find any big kid pants, lemme know! I have a great resource!

I found some of these awesome signs to inspire and give hope! I know I keep mentioning big plans and changes, and these plans and changes are going to be awesome when I can and do finally release them.

thoughts behind this thing is that we all gotta fail once or twice or 80 million time in order to finally succeed once.

This manifesto, that can be found here, is awesome! I love everything about it. It is true. And while I plan on ordering one and some day I plan on following the mantra behind it, it is something I thought I should share with all of you (all 4 of you that read my blog 😛 ). Maybe one of you can start living by this amazing mantra today as opposed to my possible some day, hehehe.

happy hump day! y’all made it!

Howdy howdy howdy!

A couple of things. 1) yes, I DO realize that with every post, my titles get less descriptive then the ones before them. 2) HOLY COCK AND BALLS, I think my pants are on the verge of see-through — mostly just when I bend over (attempts at making myself feel better), which is embarrassing because im at work and not going home for another 4.5 hours, that and they rival circus clowns everywhere:


These pants are probably the reason why most people who clean out their closet, discard shit or donate shit that hasn’t been worn in forever, because that one day… when you DO decide to wear it…. yea…. you end up with what I am experiencing today… which is REMEMBERING WHY YOU STOPPED WEARING EM IN THE FIRST PLACE.

and 3) there are many things that I have read today that make me think I should be doing more. I have had this idea in the back of my head for some time, that I should be doing and accomplishing more… no, I do not have a birthday coming and I am not turning 30 this year, so this isn’t a crisis thing. This is a I-feel-like-I-should-be-spreading-my-awesome-more kind of thing. Just not quite sure how to do that. Also, there are things I want to do just to have done them. After reading this list, I feel like I should possibly create one and then attempt to accomplish said things.  Or this other dude who is trying to complete his MIT challenge, of learning the entire 4 years of MIT Comp Sci curriculum in 12 months — that is an impressive challenge. So far he is 20/33 classes of the way there….

These people and many others (like the guy who encourages $100 startups) are inspiring and make me feel like I am not doing or accomplishing enough. And I would like to sit here and type the inspirational crap like:

ay yai yai yai yai yai yai
(xena battle cry)


and other inspirational albeit (sadly) unlikely things to happen. I am lazy. After working 8.5 hours with a 40 minute commute each way and a puppy to take care of, I got other shit I wanna do… like sit on my ass and watch TV before starting the hours of homework or coding that I do each evening. And when I get breaks from said homework (due to end of semester and such) or finish a side project, the last thing I truly desire is to take on and begin doing more shit….

Yes, I realize I have and am spewing a defeatist attitude. I prefer to think of it as realistic…. no? no one buying that one eh? Aight, so I guess I need to change, and take whatever magic little pill that gives my perky neighbor her hours of energy (which include but aren’t limited to walking on her wood floors late at night in heels or jumping around at 6am or having work done on her apt on a saturday morning… at 7am)…. but since she prolly isnt on a pill, I guess I will have to settle for some kind of motivational speech that I will need to give myself….. NOW. staaaarting NOW!. UGH

Ok, so here’s what I got for ya. I wasted a bunch of my life being super unproductive and essentially a plague on society as we know it. So, in order to give back, I went and gave back, working 50+ hours a week with one day off for an excellent place in the middle of nowhere. Now, with that being said, it does not mean that since I have moved, I am entitled to (ok got distracted mid sentence by music… and why in god’s name do we need another album from owl city?! wasn’t one enough!??! –just sayin) …. now, I will continue…

As I was saying, now, since I have moved that does not mean I am entitled to slack off. I had big plans for the two months I had off between classes. Finish the iPhone app I have been coding, begin and finish a project with my brother, complete my personal portfolio and my amazing jQuery masterpiece, which is going to be awesome (and you will know more when I decide you can). But, in true becca fashion, I have gotten distracted from these with the idea of writing and developing a business plan for a company I would like to start (once again need to know and you dont right now, cause I can’t have my idea-sssss stoled; YES THEY ARE THAT AWESOME!). With all of this being said, I have other, simpler goals that I would like to accomplish sometime in my lifetime…. I don’t have a goal for when they will be done, just sometime… in the future…. yea, can’t really be more exact, but one thing I do know is that I am frying my brain with all of the TV I have been watching recently…. and I am kind of over my ass growing in size forcing me to buy new pants… or return to old pants, like the gems shown above…. SO! with that being said (yes, I failed at week 3 of eating right and exercising), I will be getting off of my ass and trying to experience more life. I will put together a list and post it sometime in the not-so-distant future, and then I will cross things off as I go. And in theory I will post about it as well.

To start, try yoga has been on my list for sometime, so we can cross that off with a great feeling of pride and the knowledge that I love yoga and have been going to at least one class each week, which I am hoping to expand to 3 or 4 classes a week soon, maybe I can rearrange my work schedule and start coming in a little later to make classes in the morning… who knows.

Also on my list (for sure and just thinking out loud here) is sky diving, which my husband and I both want to do. We will want to look like this:

but will prolly end up looking like this:

and then do this:

yea, pants pooping… it happened… and it might happen if I ever make it to skydiving, well, correction, WHEN I make it to skydiving. With that said, I will send out a warning for where we will be jumping so there will be no poop raining down on your head that day.

And aside from that, I would like to end this with a brilliant song, as I feel revitalized and you will too. You will feel like you are going to be starting a new life with me.

Allow me to reintroduce myself, my name is OH! H to the O-V (I think he meant to say BECCA there)

And if you choose to stop reading after this post because you think I am full of it and you want no part than that is fine too… but know that ninja monkeys are going to come to your house and fling poop at you…. the rest of you, who stay with me here, you guys are 100% awesome!!! and this adventure is going to be LEGEN…. WAIT FOR IT! …. DARY!!!!


BOOM! Battle cry APPLIED!


humpty humpty hump

OK — pitch for a really neat project I stumbled upon when I was google reading — it is called the Albus Cavus project. Check it out  here! Support in one way or another if ya can.

On to hump day!

Some funniness that happened in my life this past week:











The above picture was seen randomly on the top of a copier… no one was around and no one was playing with them and they were set in the battle position above.

Jerid and I were going by a halloween costume place and we saw this mannequin inside. We got a picture with her because we were such big fans!











Best for last: A coworker has this on the back of his truck.


Better Late than Never.

well, better late than never…

it has been snowing and icing on and off here since Tuesday, which seems to be driving a lot of people crazy… me on the other hand, I am just goin with the flow. On the days I get to work from home, I really enjoy it. I don’t mind bundling up to make the 1.5 mile walk up to work….

This is what I look like…and I waddle all the way to work.

well, not much has happened here in the winter wonderland that is my place of residence… my dog loves the snow, can’t get enough of it. and I just want to have one day (which should be tomorrow) to go out and get supplies and then I don’t care how much it snows. Snow me in with some hot cocoa and some LOST (we are at the end of the second season) and my puppy and fiance and bodda bing bodda boom. I am good for a week.

Anyway, saw this today, thought it was hilarious. The joke is that it is something my brother would do, but I have done the December 3 thing at work, and at my mom’s work when I was in high school.

yea. ok. I am out. sorry this was kind of a week hump day. I will do better next week.

And now for something truely disgusting…

So I been thinkin for a few days now that it is time to update this thing. Here is my problem: every time I think about updating this thing, only one topic comes to mind… poop. Yes, I am serious. I mean, look at all of the things that poop has to do with: work, every day life, that special private time (what I call “becca time”) that you get when you’re in the potty and no one bothers you….animals fling poop…yea. They do. So naturally, this subject kept coming back to mind when I would think about what to write about, ’cause it wasn’t leaving until I did this… 😀

With all that noted, I been wondering if most people are like me and think about what they are going to do during their special time that they get each day. I like to read when I have “becca time”; I believe that is an inherited trait, as I learned by example from my elders… I mean seriously, my dad had it right man, you live in a house with your wife and two kids who always need something and the only quiet time you get, guaranteed, is in the potty. Reading only makes sense.

So anyway, back to my point — I been wondering what other people do in the potty. It isn’t like I have some sick desire to watch people sit and crap all day, but I do want to know if you, like me, read during your “you time”; do you play on your laptop; do you listen to your ipod or watch a movie on your ipod; do you stare at the wall; DO YOU HAVE A TV IN YOUR POTTY CAUSE YOU THOUGHT AHEAD?!???!

I know I can’t be the only one who wonders this. OOH! And here is another thought, also about poop… do you poop at work or in public, or will you only poop at your house? Are you like me where the girls bathroom is only one room and in between the offices of your boss’ boss, and your immediate boss’ husband and you feel like if you pooped at work you would get razzed until long after the smell left the room? Yea, true story, I feel like I can’t poop at work.

So yea, seriously… what’s your story?