From Consistent Exercise Week 1, with Love

Hello! And welcome!

Week 1 of the exercise has begun and it was NOT a total loss! To recap and summarize… when I had a 3 minute commute (literally), I would get up at 530 and run and work out and then shower up and still make it to work by 730. Now, I have approx a 40 min commute (to a sweet ass job that I love mind you, so, def worth the efforts), walking 13-17 min to the metro – depending on how slow I am feeling – and then 16 min metro ride and a 4-6 min walk from L’enfant to NASA headquarters in downtown DC. But with the longer commute, I don’t have as much time to run in the morning and still walk the pup and get myself together before having to be out of the door by 645 or 650. Yes, I walk to the metro, but that doesn’t mean that I am getting the daily exercise that I used to and in turn not feeling as awesome (although still awesome enough, hehehe)…. not only that, but since moving back here in late October, I have gained approx 7-10 lbs from the amazingness that we call food options here. So with all of this being said, I decided this week to make an effort to begin the exercising.

To get sappy for a moment, my husby says he’d love me even if I were to gain a ton of weight, but the shallow side of me says I won’t love me as much as I liked the healthy me 8 months ago. So in the desire to love me more (narcissisticĀ as that sounds)…. and be healthy and blahblahblah, I strapped on my running shoes last weekend and went for a 3 mile run on Sunday, closing out with lunges. On Monday, I played a full 90 minutes of soccer, in the field. On Tuesday, I convinced my friend Erin (who was a really good sport about it all) to try bikram yoga — definitely interesting and definitely an amazing workout! Did you know shins could sweat? I had no idea!!! On Wednesday, I took the night off and went to my friends’ house to watch the caps play. And last night, we had our very first NASA softball game! GO DEEP SPACE 9!!!!

Tonight, Erin and I are planning on hanging out to kick off her birthday weekend which will include wine riot, a special ice cream treat I have on order, and a couple of other things! She turns 29 on Monday and we are going to get in as much fun and awesomeness as possible. My husband and another friend, Leslie, will be accompanying us to wine riot. I am pretty excited for this weekend to go down! My parents will be watching Aldy all day on Saturday so that we can effectively shuttle Erin from place to place. I will post pics after.

Not much else to report. If you want more of me throughout the week, with pics of the craziness that ensues, follow me on twitter: @onelittlebecca