It is Best to be Prepared in a Zombie Apocalypse

There are a couple of things I want to touch on… hope I can remember em all before I publish this post, so here goes…

1) It is best to be prepared in a zombie apocalypse…

If you know something is coming and it is going to be bad, or just blah, why not prepare for it? Zombie apocalypses are especially important to prepare for!

And lemme tell you, if anyone is going to end up dead in a zombie apocalypse, I refuse to let it be me! Zombie apocalypses are big and scary looming events. The only way to be prepared (in my mid) is to have an escape route, two shotguns, plenty of ammo, a broad sword, a huge pair of balls (aka: guts) and a partner with the same qualities!

I want to take a brief note to discuss how this was a total factor for me when marrying my husband, Jerid. My husband is an amazing and helpful man. Very considerate of my needs and wants, he often lets me take the lead on all things in our lives, giving input as we go and subscribing to the philosophy of happy wife=happy life. Now, this is not to say that he doesn’t have opinions and he doesn’t express them… he does have opinions and he does express them. And I listen. We have a partnership, not a me-ship (as much as I like to think so from time to time). And often times when we have separate opinions, he has a viable and justifiable reason to have said opinions about things. My point being, my husband is awesome. He would totally be an excellent killing partner in a zombie apocalypse and has been nothing but supportive during this whole confusing time I have going on…aka: my zombie apocalypse.

This one is just funny (sorry for the foul language mommy) and kinda true.. ok, really true, but who’s keeping count? Prolly people like me… and my brother and my husband and our friends. HAHAHAHA

2) Why the f*#k would you do that?

I read a couple of really neat posts today. One of which discussed this article about a really awesome productivity tool. It got me thinkin, just like the blog post author did, about how many events I agree to that I either don’t want to go to, don’t have the time for, or just can’t do for personal reasons, yet I agree to them anyway… stretching myself WAY too thin and then think to myself something has to give. This event needs to stop happening so I get a chance to breathe and this needs to give over here and really I then think I am an idiot because no one did anything to me but myself. Anyway, the blog post and then the article introduce a really neat productivity tool, where you are presented with a task and then you ask yourself “Why the f— would I do that?” and if you are truly honest with yourself and you dont have a good reason, you end up with more time for the stuff you wanna do. With that being said, a good reason could be because your friend needs your support or your mom asked you… but if you cant think of a good reason then… you should get some free time to, i dunno… do your homework and readings and stuff.

I haven’t tried it, but I intend to start. Maybe y’all should too! Let’s try and get super honest with ourselves.

3) Let us take a moment of silence for the baby panda cub who’s death is still a mystery, a chance to root on the Nats in their first post season berth since 1933… <moment of silence>

4) Let us take a second to YELL AT THE REDSKINS COACHING STAFF

WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU THINKING!?? Cause from the cheap seats, over here… in my living room… it seems like YOU ARENT! Pull your head from your ass and see number 2! Ask yourself why the f*#k would I do that, but alter it to ask “Why the f*#k is that a good play or decision right now with a short time period left? Will  it lose us the game?!

To me this earns a whole number to itself, because this was supposed to be our chance, our season, the change, to TAKE BACK THE DAMN STADIUM, THE DAMN CONFERENCE and possibly achieve a playoff berth. As of now, I am def not impressed with the coaching or the reffing. We are only three games in (1 win, 2 losses thus far), so it is too soon to tell… but if we are going to do better, people have got to get smarter!


ok, this is all i got. happy monday y’all!


angry becca = busy becca, who be trifflin?

My angry face

This is my angry face turned determined face

I mention my angry face because some things have occurred that made me angry, but as always, I try to be productive and positive as opposed to negative ants at a picnic. So this is my I am turning my anger into something awesome post/face! Anyway, I have a plan to kinda put on my cooler, tie-dyed big kid pants, have a little fun without the frustrations and angers that I allow to come into my space. Instead, I am going to put on the new tie-dyed big girl pants I just bought. I think the blue ones I had were wearing out anyway. And if anyone needs a reference on where to find any big kid pants, lemme know! I have a great resource!

I found some of these awesome signs to inspire and give hope! I know I keep mentioning big plans and changes, and these plans and changes are going to be awesome when I can and do finally release them.

thoughts behind this thing is that we all gotta fail once or twice or 80 million time in order to finally succeed once.

This manifesto, that can be found here, is awesome! I love everything about it. It is true. And while I plan on ordering one and some day I plan on following the mantra behind it, it is something I thought I should share with all of you (all 4 of you that read my blog 😛 ). Maybe one of you can start living by this amazing mantra today as opposed to my possible some day, hehehe.

happy hump day! y’all made it!

Why I Love my Brother, part 2

this post is a continuation of part 1 of why I love my brother.

Below is reason number 5,672,901 about why I love my brother…

this is a recent gmail chat between us!

me: what kind of dog is this?

 Ben:  terrier of some kind?
 me:  cuterrier
 Ben:  I hate you
me:  🙂
another reason why i love my brother:we must think so much alike because we both sent that same bit of convo to the same mutual friend at the same time! BAAHAHAHAHA
he is the only one i got.

he is hilarious.

he is running the ragnar relay with me next year
he has no shame and its awesome.
and that is all.
PS: this totally happened! YAY  us!!!! Good job to all of my compatriots! We (NASA) made the time list of sites loved!

Race of Awesomeness Recap

So race recap time. I was pretty nervous the night before and the morning of, but butterflies aside, I think everything went really well. I averaged less than 11 minutes a mile, which for my training times is a significant improvement as I was averaging about 12-12.30 a mile… First pic taken morning of… there were lots of thoughts going through my head… mostly the thoughts of dont make a fool of yourself, dont trip, dont bust your ass, dont make a fool of yourself. after I got that outta my system, it switched over to thoughts of run your race, run your race, run your race. Then on to thoughts of what is your race? AHHHHHHHHHH and freak out moments occurred.


Pre race photo. Nervy but excited!

Because this was a Geek Run, I was excited to see some compatriots from NASA Goddard and HQ there. They were moving toward mile 4 as I was moving toward mile 3, but as we passed, we rose fists in the air and cheered for each other.


Geek trophies!


Everyone gettin ready for the race


the start and finish line.

This is where we started and finished. I was pretty jazzed when I saw the finish line. My friend that was running with me was a few feet in front of me and we just both busted ass over the line! it was an awe-inspiring moment for me.


post race, no sunglasses! sweaty styley

This is me all squinty after the race. I was going to wear a hat but nothing new on race day and the fact that I have only worn it once and didnt like it then made me opt not to and I dont have running glasses. But I am all sweaty and ready to get a bagel here (above).


me and Sheena, my buddy who ran the race with me.

So this (above) picture is prolly one of my favorites (aside from the action shots my husband got which I will post in the next week or so) because my friends Sheena and Aaron ( husband and wife) came out and ran the 5 miler with me. While Aaron took off and managed an 8 min a mile pace on average, Sheena ran the 5 miles with me. I know she prolly coulda picked it up and done it about 10-30 seconds faster a mile (or more), but she stayed with me and pushed me on my pace. And I forced her to maintain a pace. Once you set one for me, I can generally maintain it. I dragged a couple of steps behind her occasionally but was able to keep up fairly well. I normally run at about 12-13 minutes a mile in easy long runs and only completed one 5 mile run under an hour in all training… normally all runs of that length were about an hour. I set my goal conservatively and made it. My goal was a time under 55 minutes. We talked for the majority of the run down Ohio dr but when we hit mile 4 I could tell Sheena wanted to push harder and if I was going to pick it up for the last 0.2-0.4 miles, I couldnt move faster before then or I would run out of steam. I told her to go ahead and do what she needed to do and silently told myself I would not let her get more than ten steps in front of me. And I stuck to that! I maintained about 5-7 strides behind her. Her foot had been rubbing so when I was starting to speed up for strong finish, she was starting to slow a little and I wasn’t letting her go out like that. She didn’t leave me behind for a solid 4.5 miles, I was not going to leave her behind for the end. So I yelled at her. Told her ten seconds and to pick it up as I was sprinting to the finish. She did as well and I think we finished at the same time or within one second of each other. Either way, I am SO grateful for her companionship and encouragement on this race. Wouldn’t have made my goal without her!

My husband came out for my race (as did my mommy and my aunt who happened to be in town visiting). The three of them provided comic relief and helped me relax a little before the start. My husband took pictures of Aaron, Sheena and I running (I will post within the week). Action shots if you will. We looked at em Saturday afternoon, they looked good! I was so happy that he made the effort to get up and trek over there with me to support me. I think it might have inspired him to start exercising more. He was talking about getting more into cycling or running and I have been encouraging him to do it. My thoughts are that I may be slow, but I still finish and exercise makes me happier than any of the other activities I have the option to do. I want him to feel that happy with me so we decided that this coming weekend we are going to be taking a ride to Mt Vernon this weekend (either saturday or sunday morn). Side note: I also have my first swim lesson for my tri this weekend with my friend Cass. Considering I haven’t swam since I was 13 and I never swam competitively, my friends are all gearing up to help me move my ass in water!

Anywho, my husband saw how passionate I was about running on Saturday morn (I mean he knew I was but SAW it Saturday morn) and wanted to do something really nice for me and had been planning to surprise me with new running shoes, but instead took me and we went looking together after the race :-)!!!! He got me the best birthday gift ever of Mizuno Nirvanas! I am stoked to get out there and run in them! (I have soccer mondays, so I don’t run in the am)

<PLUG FOR PACERS RUNNING STORE IN ALEXANDRIA> No lie, the girl who helped me find shoes here was amazing! She took the time to make sure I had a shoe I wanted that would work for me! If you are in the DC metro area and need new running shoes, go to pacers! AH-MAZING! Super friendly, really knowledgeable and not going to brush you off. She musta pulled every stability shoe they had! (i have bad arches)</END PLUG>


My birthday shoes! My husband got me new running shoes for my bday!


My Aunt MaryAnne and Uncle Pat after dinner

My uncle, aunt, brother and brother’s gf (whom I adore) were at Sunday night dinner with my parents this week! We don’t always get together for dinner on sunday nights, but when we can, we do. This Sunday night was great! I laughed my ass off to the point of tears!


My brother and his girlfriend after dinner

Anyway, family is important. Friends are important. And both my family and friends are top notch, can’t be beat awesome people! Even if they do rag on me occasionally… it is out of love!

Next race up is the MCM 10k! I am stoked! A little inspiration on my way out:

Pre race jitters, questions about food choices and general tips on how to be awesome

tips to being awesome:

1) Admit to yourself and even to others that occasionally you fall in love with bad songs that happen to be ear worms and make your head bounce and bob… for example, for me recently, songs like Call me Maybe and I want U Back are songs that I freakin love and I am NOT ashamed (ok, trying not to be ashamed)

2) When on the bike trail running, don’t be shy. If a biker forget to say on your left as they pass you (as they so often do on the Mt Vernon Trail), it is ok to shout after them saying LEFT loudly and throwing hand into the air. It helps to relieve the anger (and terror) you get as someone whips by you with no forewarning and very little noise. I threw my hands in the air and shouted left once and almost hit another biker because HE failed to say on your left and he shouted for me to be careful, I shouted back ON MY LEFT DUDE! YOU BE CAREFUL! — As a cyclist on this trail also, I make it a point to tell runners and bikers alike, on your left. Don’t be a jerk if you don’t have to be.

3) Spread the love. Let people know you want them to do well. Shout them some encouragement, cheer them on through social media, emails, blog comments, or honking your horn while rolling down gw pkwy knowing that your friend running 15 miles prolly wont know its you or see or hear you… 🙂

4) If you have an idea, form it and do it. Don’t wait too long or you will start to talk yourself out of it. AKA: Big things are on the horizon, y’all! Stay tuned!

On to other things… (more tips later)…
Aldy went with me to packet pickup yesterday! He wants to race too!!! I am def having pre race jitters. I haven’t run a race since I was a sophomore in high school and believe me when I tell ya, I totally sucked. I did. True story. I sucked in high school at running. I would make up excuses to not run the races because I was embarrassed at how bad I used to be (no lie). Side note: I started getting those thoughts this morning and my heel started hurting and I verbally said out loud at 530am to myself, NO NO YOU WILL NOT DO THIS AGAIN! You are GOING to man up damnit!

It was weird cause my foot stopped hurting after that.


Aldy with his race packet after pickup. He was starting to look away and this is the best pic i got!

When Aldy and I got home from the Fairfax Pacers and the packet pickup, we started to go through the packet and see what all was there. Aldy realized quickly that there were no dog bones in the bag and changed his mind about racing; told me I could have his bib.


Me in my Run! Geek! RUN! glasses (yay, packet pickup!)

Well in my last post I stated that I am now officially a sweat pink ambassador! This is awesome! The ladies over there are so supportive! Actually, when I was unlacing my shoes after my run this morning, I realized I don’t know what I should and shouldn’t be eating as far as race food. Do y’all have any thoughts?


my shoesies with #SweatPink laces

This pic of me all sweaty after my run is an important one. I dunno why it’s important but my gut says it is, so here it is 🙂


sweaty after my short easy run this morning, in my Oiselle shirt.

Well, getting fired up for tomorrow. Definitely nervous even though I have run 5 miles several times before, it isn’t a question of if I am physically capable of finishing it… it is a question of if I can defeat this mental thing goin on. (I know I can, but yknow fear… it can get the better of us if we let it… I won’t let it)

Also, PS: I am totally afraid of my shadow! LIKE TOTALLY AFRAID OF IT! Especially at 5am in the absolute darkness of the Mt Vernon Trail.

PPS: I am putting together a team for the ragnar relay in the DC area for NEXT year ( — so far, I have my brother, me and two of our friends.

Happy Friday y’all!

Official Registration, Tri Tri Tri and Compression that Impression?

I must have writer’s block. Every day I get things I want to add to this post and when I sit down in front of the post that I have saved each day since Saturday, I go blank. What is wrong with me?

I GOT ACCEPTED TO BE A SWEAT PINK AMBASSADOR!!! you may have (or may not… but you should have) noticed the new badge/button on my right hand sidebar! BOOM! It’s cause I am awesome! Totally stoked. So stoked and impressed with the community after a short week of acceptance that I told my friend, Michelle, about the program and that she should sign up!

I am officially registered for like a whole bangload of amaze-ah-balls in the next nine months! I am registered for the 8k Run! Geek! Run! on Sept 15 (saturday!!!!), the Marine Corps Marathon 10K (10/28), the Disney Princess Half marathon (feb 2013) and the Rocketman Triathlon at KSC in Cape Canaveral FL!!!

I am pretty jazzed. I can’t believe I have actually registered for both a half marathon and a triathlon! I never imagined I would ever ever EVER try a triathlon. I haven’t swam in since I was approx 13… but my friends are gonna unite together, force me to go to a pool and then teach me/make sure I swim in an efficient manner. The reason I was convinced to even sign up for this tri is because it is at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. The bike portion goes around both launchpads! It is going to be super awesome! Can’t wait to see that! (super space nerd alert!)

As far as the half marathon goes, I cannot wait! In theory, I am running it with a couple of buddies. I am hoping they come with but either way, I am signed up and raring to go! I just have to sort out a costume. I am thinking Snow White or Mulan or Mrs. Incredible! There are a variety of options i have found all over the web, and quite a few on this site alone!

Just a couple of samples. Havent seen a Mulan one.


on another note, i have  been wearing compression socks when I run these days. Helps with my shins, but by mile 5 my knees are screaming because I have bad knees which normally dont act up until mile 7 without compression socks… but with, the tightness right below my knees… it just has some kind of weird effect.

also, if any of you have recommendations on half marathon programs that are worth the money, please let me know. I have been looking at the $24.99 Runner’s World one…

Happy Tuesday!