Why I Love my Brother…

If you know my brother than you know why I am writing this…. my brother is a super nifty guy…. who wears shorts all year round and spent the past 4 years taking care of research frogs for his dissertation.  We both follow each other on google reader and so I see his shares.  Recently, he shared this article  and maybe it is just my crazy mind link that I have with my brother or the fact that I know him…. but I get the sense that he is trying to tell us all something by sharing this article.

The article talks about how hot and humid it gets in the DC metro area and how designers and other people discuss the inappropriateness of wearing shorts… despite it being “50,000 f$%*ing degrees!” and also discusses swamp ass and the state of men’s legs and the “gnarly” look to them

Take a gander… maybe you know someone who also fits this article… or maybe… yknow my brother!



Cuddle Club


Side note: I was doing my standard morning run this morning and a bird peed on my shirt. I saw it… and then I took a picture of it.

I got the swag and it’s pumpin out my ovaries

wow. just. wow.

i really dig her polka dotted bow headband.