Pretty Awesome News Announcement

WOOOO WOOOOOOOO!!!!! Pretty awesome news announcement for me and this blog!!! I am now repping Road Runner Sports as a blogger for their Falls Church, VA store!

Road Runner Blog Pick

STOKED!!! I will be at the events at the Falls Church store and then coming back here and telling y’all all about it! I think my day could not get any better than it is right now and I have fun engineering class tonight, so that is saying something! This is very big news and more things to come!!! Stay tuned!


bikes, stripes, fruit striped dance party bikes?

so what originally sparked this post and the thoughts of this post was a couple of things. One was the fact that my husby and I are making a conscious effort to get into biking.

The second is that today, I was outside, walking Aldy around and waiting for him to pee in the heat of the afternoon and this awesome jam comes on, ok no lie… it was Be-yon-ce. Ring the alarm. And I just started breakin it down hand movements and rump shaking…. and as I am doing a turn around ring the alarm motion, I see that across the street an older dude wearin cowboy boots and denim vest and shades, sitting on the stoop, was staring at me laughing to himself. And it  ade me realize that while at that moment it was funny, that phrase about dancing like no one is watching and singin like no one is around… yea, it’d be a shorter phrase if you just said stop giving a shit and your life will get a lot better. I get it…. it’s a PR world. Life is what you make it and while many are trying to watch their image because they represent something much bigger whether it be through their job or their family or so on, the ones that don’t care, seem to have a little more fun (openly anyway) and I def see advantages to BOTH life styles.

so today, I gave it more of a shot and proceeded (after dancing) to sing and RAP really loudly. It led to some embarrassing moments but I am learning to push pass those and move forward.

Now to address the first part of this post… biking. I have never been much of a biker. I have had friends that are extreme bikers… some of my coworkers bike to work. Even my boss bikes in to work occasionally. My thoughts, as I rode the metro this morning, were to maybe give biking to work a shot. I spoke with a couple of my coworkers who ride every day. One woman swears it’s her sanity. And she recommended I speak with the head of our photog dept, so I did. He got me set up with the woman who is going to give me a bike key and then also is going to show me where to go with my bike to lock it up and where to go to shower up and such. He is even gonna share his route with me since part of his route is the majority of mine. Anyway, so thoughts? Any other bikers out there that bike to work?

Also, we plan on getting a doggy cruiser/trailer to pull our pug along with my husby and I on bike trips (see below). My dad says I am crazy and couldnt even begin to fathom why I would want to do something like that.

(this is not my pug pictured… when we get him a trailer, I will get up a pic.) anyway gotta start dinner and walk the puggy. tata for now.

Happy Thursday People!


yknow, I have lived all over. I started my journey in Georgetown Univ Hospital as a wee babe and hit up the suburbs after a few years with the folks and then to college in W Lafayette IN at Purdue (we will call these the glory years); then to foggy bottom; down to Miami, back up to dc, to San Fran and then out to Oklahoma/Texas area…. now I am back in DC….

While I have loved several of the places I have been fortunate enough to live in, none of the places can even compare to DC and the love and connection I feel towards this city. From the beginning of the year to the end, there is always something to celebrate. I wont break it all down for you but I will say that the electricity that runs through this city and fills its people with excitement is amazing. An example would be our losing sports teams… I am a supporter of all teams DC, taking time to specifically follow DC United, the Nats, the Caps, and most importantly the Redskins. The Redskins, have not had a significant season since the passing of Sean Taylor and the end of the second reign of Joe Gibbs (and as sad as I am to say it, that season, while promising, was not as significant as the late 80s and early 90s), and yet even despite the lack of winning and the hatred many fans share towards Dan Snyder, we still have a solid fan base of hopeful and optimistic supporters! I myself am a delusional and hopeful fan with desires of winning more than 6 games this year and wiping the floor with the cowboys (THIS COULD BE OUR SEASON!!!!! RG3!!!!!!)

Another reason to love the city of DC: politicians. I know it sounds silly… a lot of politicians do and say a lot of stupid things (some do amazing things, but i digress)…. being in dc, we get a front row seat to the amazing and crazy times that often ensue. An example of this is Marion Barry. He won the people over despite his spotted past and is an awesome personality on twitter! He did and still does many great things for the people of DC and Ward 8!

The amazingness and special factor of umph that comes with living here is only magnified by the city’s ability to envelope you when you are feeling down or great or anything really. It takes your feelings and enhances them in some way. Makes everything better. A simple rain shower under a tree in eastern market, a sunrise at l’enfant plaza, the view from the roof of NASA HQ (which I just got to experience), all of these things can take your good mood or your bad mood and make it better.

The list of reasons why I love this city is never ending. The people are the key. As much as I say I HATE people (it’s more that I hate stupidity), I really don’t. The people of DC are unique and interesting. From the metro riders every morning to the tourists who come to see the Cherry Blossoms every spring, to the amazing sports fans; the people are what make and electrify this city.

I was talking to a coworker, and she truly inspired me to write this this morning, reminding me of why I love this city and everything about it, even the things I complain about.

Sorry the thoughts are jumbled. I will leave you with two other photos as we part ways today…



Because it’s stuck in my head

I thought I would pass it on to you also!

Jay and Silent Bob at their best!