friday on the brain

You ever decide you are going to write something and then realize that you have nothing to write about (or really… no appropriate thoughts for the public)…. yea, that totally just happened! HAH!

I guess since I lack real stuff of substance, I will just babble on about the latest happenings until it develops into something more (if it doesn’t, I am truly sorry). Currently, as in RIGHT NOW, my coworker is reading something out loud. It is distracting me from my thoughts of nothingness, but is definitely entertaining. My dog had surgery and then couldn’t hold food down, but he seems to be doing better. I finally picked my focuses for my Masters… well, I picked one of them for sure, the other has been narrowed down to one of two: Software engineering (for sure) and either Cyber Security or Database Administration (what’re your thoughts, readers?). I am loving life on twitter and stuff with the family and husby are good.

My second week of eating better and attempting exercise were somewhat successful. Soccer game monday, yoga tuesday (LOVING YOGA), run on wednesday, nothing on Thursday… actually ate salad and have started replacing processed sugar with fruit. GO TEAM BECCA!

My mother’s side of the family has decided to have a reunion this summer. That is def interesting as we haven’t had an organized one in YEARS. They must have had so much fun at my wedding, that they could hardly contain themselves and wait any longer to see each other! Other than that, not much else to report….

I have begun some side projects instead of side work. I am wrapping up all side work so that I can focus for the next month and a half on my side projects of app development with my big brother, Ben; online portfolio improvement and awesomeness; my special all encompassing amazing website that will show the world my excellent talents! That’s right, be jealous, im awesome. that is all.

If I think of why I opened this post in the first place, I may post again. We shall see. So stay tuned and be sure to check back!

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