idioacy at it’s finest

SOOOOOOOOOO…. last night the FIANCEE (cause he isnt my boyfriend anymore…very strange) and I decided to add a little excitement to our otherwise dull evening. Now if you guessed that we went outside and set off a rocket firework (yes from fourth of july and yes we realize it is October…) and shot off our potato gun…. then you were correct.

atomic bomb

atomic bomb style

Last night, we shot off a rocket firework that normally shoots up into the air. But if you have been reading, and/or know me then you know that nothing ever goes normally OR according to plan. So of course I beg to be the one to light it. So we set it up so it has a clear shot into the sky from our driveway last night and go to set it off. Well, one of the rock tail things falls off and it spirals up and over and it was about to hit something and landed in our yard where it fizzled out with very little enthusiasm. It was just weird and anyway, as it was fizzling, the fiancee went over to make sure it was completely out. yknow. only you can prevent forest fires and all that jazz. well only we can start mild fizzling on our front lawn… and then stamp it out, like a good american would.  🙂  so after that amazingly eventful firework rocket, we went to the potato gun.

So we built a potato gun a couple of weeks back and it is basic, (see plans below):

basic potato gun plans

basic potato gun plans

Ours kind of looks like that. Anyway, we have a bag full of potatoes that we have been using as ammo for this gun. Well, Jerid shot off the first potato and all was well and fine, he is very talented; yay potato guns! Well, then lucky me and him! It’s my turn. So I am holding it and I have it ready to go, and we have set up one of those flick starters so it is a little bit of a challenge for my little fingers. Anyway, so he has me all set to go and I have it aimed and I am flicking it, and NOTHING is happening… so I keep flicking… flicking…flicking… and then when I am not holding the potato gun so tight and I am thinking it is never going to go off, the gun goes off and jumps backward almost hitting Jerid in the knee and his car’s bumper… hehe. oops.

anyway, happy monday. sunday night was awesome. oh yea, and the skins won! w00t!


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  1. Betsy Goodman
    Oct 04, 2010 @ 14:06:05

    Hahahaha. You guys need some mroe – new – hobbies!!!??? Who knows – you might come up with an invention you can patent.


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