Running away from it all

When I run, I forget everything and focus on the run. Every step… AND of course, the asshole bikers who don’t know how to say on your left…. so I shout it for them after they startle me. “on my left! thanks!”

One cyclist shook her head because she so clearly heard me say that and I tried to speed up to get her to shake her head to my face… but well, she was on a bike, I was in mile 5 and dying of thirst so yea… there was just no freakin way.

Notable about today: I ran 7 miles. And I did it in an hour and 30 mins. While not my best time, keep in mind the time of day (930 am) I ran, the temperature it was (80 degrees), the temp I am used to (73ish degrees at 5am and no sun) and the fact that I forgot all water… STUPID! 5 miles at 5am is nothing compared to the 7 miles at 9:30 am that I did this morning. (side note, my garmin is working properly, but i think i may get the 310xt just to make sure that this kinda thing doesnt happen again)

I am covering the launch tomorrow morning at 4am — RBSP (

And I am going to relax some more and watch Once upon a time… my roommate got me semi-addicted… LAME!


have  good night.


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