Chuck Brown Day, Clinton Portis Retiring(?), a Cray-cray Winter ahead and of course(!) a running update


It’s Chuck Brown’s bday today. The recently deceased father of go-go is being honored in the District today, with the mayor pronouncing today, August 22, to be Chuck Brown today. So you all should be doin what I am doin and listen to some go-go. Whether you like it or not, you should just suck it up and do it because Chuck Brown was a great musician who gave a city THEIR OWN TYPE OF MUSIC!

For Chuck Brown day:

Chuck Brown, Bustin’ Loose (above); Northeast Groovers, The Water (below)

and one more to show how modern go-go can get….

just so y’all know… if you want mas modern go-go… Wale (DC REPPIN’!) is a great reference. In some of his earlier music, he even uses go-go beats in the song that got him popular being Chillin ft Lady GaGa. Also if you need another reference, Doin’ da Butt by E.U. from the 80s is go go too!

A sad day has happened…. Clinton Portis has decided to retire. A lot of people get mean about Portis and talk about how he sucks and is always injured this and that… but before his knee injury that benched him for the rest of the 2010 season and most of the 2011 season…. when he was merely a shell of his former self… He was a good skin, 7 years on the team before being released in 2011. They expect him to appear for a press conference and being a long time skins fan, I plan on looking for updates… as I want to see if Portis appears in character… he was def one of my fave skins players, next to Sean Taylor (#21, RIP) and a couple of others…

So accuweather has reported that we might have a cray-cray winter this winter! I LOVE SNOW! Aldy has never seen snow but Lou-Lou loves it!

YAY! POSSIBLE SNOW! anything to look forward to that is cold, crisp, and YAY!

As for a running update….I am still just over an hour for 5 miles, but hoping to get that down… I am still having some issues with my shins, but fewer… back and knees scream from time to time, but Kundalini yoga helps a lot and so does yin yoga. I have started cycling and plan to register for the triathlon at KSC in May of 2013 because working at NASA and running a half marathon are not enough! So, I WILL finish in the standing position even though I havent been in water to swim in several years…. and the longest I have done on a bike was 12+ miles LAST WEEKEND…. Follow me here for training blunders and exploits as well as other idiotic moments.

I am contemplating bright pink compression socks and on a side note, my friends and I who went on the bike ride got caught in a torrential downpour for over 3 miles before stopping under a bridge to wait it out a bit.

I was wearing my Garmin FR 210 and I am hoping that it didnt completely jack it up… I say this because this morning, I went for a run with my live in running buddy Michelle, and my garmin was in front of her Nike Sportsband by 0.2 miles…. normally it is behind it by 0.2 miles, meaning that my Garmin is jacked and giving me an extra 0.4 miles which is no good…. Going to REI this weekend to possibly trade in for 310XT or just new 210… and going to pacers to ask some questions tonight and possibly obtain bright pink leg sleeves. 😛


Thanks for reading! Happy Hump Day!

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