Lost on the Brain

soooooooooooooooooooooo it’s Thursday but feels like it should be Monday with all the crap that has rained down on me in my little universe between yesterday and today. I am really trying to give it all a positive spin, but unfortunately I am struggling more than usual today…. maybe by the end of today I will have it sorted.

What sucks is there is a lot I want to say, but know I should now on a public forum. I am upset and offended in a couple of area of my life. Guess its up to me to sort it out somehow or just let it go.

But alas, let us move forward. What have I done recently? I have started an intense 6 week course. 150-200 pages of reading a week, 3 hours of class divided into two nights, quiz every week and a group project every other week. SLAMMED. The class prevents me from playing softball until august 11 and it isn’t that I am a huge fan of softball, but I am a fan of our team.

I had a July 4th bbq. It was awesome! We had SOOOOO much food and it seemed like everyone (and their dogs) had a great time!  We even set off fireworks!

We are getting our performance reviews in the next week or so… I may be one of the first as mine is today. I am hoping it goes well.

My brother turned 30 and my parents have achieved 40 years of marriage.

My a/c crapped out, came back and then crapped out again.

I don’t have much else to report today… hope your Thursday goes well.


Thanks for stopping by.


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