negativity got you down?

Is negativity dragging you down? Do you feel the need to shank people? I think sometimes, we all feel this way. Even the most zen of people can get pushed to the edge. For some reason I have been feeling a little bit of this lately. Not sure why…. prolly the negativity from extraneous sources that I cannot shake. It’s on me though because I let them affect me. I am not dominating them and staying above them and I am just letting myself get pulled down to the negative people’s levels.

I guess the whole point of this post is accountability. If I say it out loud (or in this case write it in a public forum), then I have to pull my head out of my ass and fix the situation and become dominatrix over the negativity…  that I have allowed to pull me down, making the negativity my bitch. I think big things could be in my future if I just get focused and handle business. That is what it comes down to…. pulling my head out of my butt, kicking the negativity to the curb and getting focused. Finishing the damn phone app, starting the one with my bro — taking it from planning to reality — and just moving forward. I can only move forward if I choose to and let it be known, this is the moment I am choosing to seize!

totally easier said then done, but I am going to make a solid effort to make this more than just a statement…. going to try and make it reality. I wanted to start exercising, so now I get up and run every morning at 5am. I want to do this, I have declared it. I will do it damnit.

Letting all of this negativity in has not only pulled me down but made me start complaining as well. and I refuse to be that person any longer. And I am now rambling, so I will end this. But today, I plan on accomplishing some of the Flash tutorials (to get better) and some of the advanced iOS tutorials to improve and find better code then the work arounds I have been doing.


“Getting strong now”


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