Hump day: Music Edition

ok, so here’s the sitch. I totally spaced about yesterday since I have Saturday off this week instead of Friday. I wasn’t counting down until today. So here is yesterday’s hump day. Decided to roll with a music edition, cause I got some songs I wanna promote, old or not, they are excellent and inspiring or just totally awesome! I will also throw in some classic hump day stuff so peeps won’t be disappointed! (and , side note: I am working on my grammar 🙂 )

To start off, we have a song called the “Dog Days are Over” — I did not expect the video to be like this at all. It is TOTALLY different.

I don’t think many will believe me when I say there is a song by snoop dogg called Boom! which is something we happen to say a lot around here. hahahaha awesome! Check it here, not inspiring just awesome because BOOM say what say what BOOM!

Maino, All the Above

Now for the CLASSIC HUMP DAY stuffs :

Double rainbows, dancing babies, puppies, and jen aniston!

paper, rock, scissors. WIN!

and we will end off with this (above) major win!


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