2010 sum-up

So, I have been pretty much non-existent the past week and a half. I have no excuse as to why. I have been chillin out with Lou-dog:

doesn’t he just look really comfortable? Like… more comfortable than you or I will ever manage to make ourselves? 🙂

Let’s see, in 2010 what happened? I moved to the middle of nowhere from DC (dc, i miss you. and i love you.); I got my haircut; finished my half sleeve; saw Tool live; made a whole ton of websites — didn’t believe in the reasoning behind all of em, but made em no less; got a macbook; brought my dog out to the middle of nowhere to hang out; had Christmas out here…

I call this economy santa… didn’t have enough money due to the recession, had to give his reindeer the year off…

I waited for a week for Skillz to drop his 2010 wrap up and make this post… and he didn’t drop it until yesterday… he had people BEGGING him for it on Twitter… and yes I was one of them. Oh, and I went to sleep before midnight for the second year in a row. What a winning year 2010 was!!! hahahaha. so 2011, bring it on!

And here is Skillz 2010 wrap up (I wouldn’t tell you about it and then do you guys dirty and not include it):


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