Hardcore slackers, throw your hands up!

Hello my fancy friends. How have you guys been these past two weeks?

I’ve been uhhh… slacking, well on the blog front. But at work, I have been SLAMMED! I have worked almost every single day for the past two weeks. In case you didn’t know, had no clue, or didn’t even wonder until now what I do, I make websites. For people. Who have high demands… which in reality is fine, because it provides me with the challenge my life so desperately needs and wants. Funny thing about all of that… I showed my brother one of my sites that I developed (in two days, check it out — it’s for a good cause!  www.takemcalesterback.com) and he said it was amazing and asked why my blog didn’t look like that… we’ll roll with the title of this post. I am a slacker and haven’t had time to do the extreme customization of this site yet. Anyway, it will come… one of these days when I am sitting around, bored, and stuff, but yea…..

so right now, gettin wednesday started off right! jammin out to Northeast Groovers. I have been listening to these guys since high school and they are bad ass. Love their joints. They were the first go-go I ever heard. And if you aren’t from DC and don’t know what go-go is, then go here and check the NE Groovers out.

They been around for EVER!. They were introduced to me in college and I been jammin to em ever since. I think my all time favorite song by them is called “the water”




Trunk Baby Days – watch more funny videos

If you are my mom, don’t watch this. Everyone else, feel free!

Handjob, Bland Job, I Don’t Understand Job – watch more funny videos

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