a truly special edition of hump day (offensive!)

if you are easily offended… turn back now. (you have been warned)

with this edition of the hump day video to get you through til the weekend, I will supply something for everyone. I have something for the extreme nerd, something for the good Christian, something for midgets, and for well…everyone!

Now it is entirely possible that you have seen these before, this guy (and his brother) has been around for a while — at least since I was in college, but recently I was reminded of him when I got to pick some songs to play in the office and we were going for funny and thought of this guy. SOOOOOOOO, this is a truly special edition of hump day as there isn’t just one video but several!

This one is for my brother, it is called D&D:

This is for the good Christian:

This is for the midget lovers, it starts about 3 mins in and is called Gary Foster:

This is just awesome, prolly one of the funniest things I have heard, and I had to put it in, it’s called She Gotta Smile:

ENJOY! Happy hump day!!!!


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