Adventures in Garbage

So I actually got up early to go running this morning — big deal cause I was doing it at night, but I started to slack, so switched back to the mornings — and i had an amazing workout. I did a 35 minute sprint pyramid workout. It was pretty awesome. And afterward, I felt great!

So when I come back into my house, I look around and realize the place is a mess. The first thing I decide to do is take out the overflowing garbage…. so where I am currently residing, people take their trash to a dumpster and when the dumpster gets full, the trash people come and pick it up and put an empty trash dumpster in it’s place. Well, I bundle up the trash and wrestle it outside and into a hauling position over my shoulder. I am two, maybe three, steps out the door and I begin to feel something dripping down my  lower back. I think to myself, huh, maybe I am imagining it. Y’know what? I was NOT imagining this drip! It was wet coffee grinds that my boyfriend has so kindly dumped down into the trash bag (in his defense, I am sure he had no idea that they would ever leak as he normally takes the trash out). Leaking. Down my lower back and onto my booty. So here I am walking to the dumpster, sweaty as hell, coffee grinds leaking down my ass (like when I used to work at starf*ckers) and I notice a large mass of gnats surrounding the garbage I am carrying.

Ok, by this point, I have reached the dumpster.Now, at this point, I feel the need to point out that I am super short; like WAY shorter than the dumpster and so I need to throw up and over to get the trash into the dumpster. As I am doing the swing back and then release, I realize the garbage bag isn’t going to make it into the dumpster. Some of the garbage exploded out over the dumpster because the bag landed only 2/3 of the way into the garbage dispensary and so the impact of the top 1/3 that was not in the dumpster through out some of the garbage…. well, some of the papers and stuff pop out on to the grass and some of the coffee grinds are sitting on the rim of the dumpster.

So I bend down to pick up the garbage on the ground because I don’t like to loiter (seriously) and low and behold a gust of wind blows and blows coffee grinds onto my head and being soaked with sweat like I am, these grinds stick to my forehead and in my hair. I run a hand through my hair and immediately let out a string of obscenities.

Some of you might be confused as to why I was so frustrated because I am already sweaty, so I was going to shower anyway….well, I see your point, but it was just NASTY. So with that said, riddle me this Thursday, why you gotta hate?

Thursday, 2; Becca, 0

I will not be defeated damnit!


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  1. you know
    Sep 02, 2010 @ 13:09:30

    litter, not loiter


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