don’t be a douchebag – the second edition of hump day

So here I was sittin at work today, gettin ready to make this hump day post and what happens?! nothing.

I started class on Monday and it’s online, using Adobe Connect so you have the screen of the teacher and the teacher’s voice and then you have the chat window with the rest of the students. Well every time I would respond to something or say something into the chat, this one dude, Charles, would say “No”…like immediately after. It woulda been funny if it was happening to someone other than me. It happened three times and then I started typing stuff just to see if he would say “No” after it.  Yea…the teacher mighta noticed. Laughed and moved on. But talk about awkward.

Anyway, so hump day video to get you through til Friday and the weekend — here it is. I picked this video because i was patrolling facebook and I was thinking how far it has come…in the negative direction. Sure, it has it’s positives — it allows me to keep in touch with my high school friends, college friends, and others that I have met along the way…but, every time I am up on there, it is almost guaranteed that I see one of those vague posts that is like letting everyone in on the inside joke except no one knows the whole story and so therefore the post is stupid. Yea — those are annoying. And then there are the posts that people put up throwing themselves pity parties and I am all like you created your bed, lie in it except I don’t want to be that guy who is the dick cause my mom says if you have nothing good to say don’t say anything at all. And I mean the worst part — I am prolly guilty of it to from time to time — what bothers me is it’s mostly the same people who do it over and over again, at least on my facebook. Anyway, there are other things, but I need more coffee before I take them on, so we will call this part 1 of facebook rant and get on with the video!

drum roll pleeeeeeeeeeeasssseeeee!

i SOOOOO want this as a ringback tone — for what people hear when they call my phone…so far, no luck on that.


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