Happy Hump Day!

Happy hump day (Wednesday) dear readers!  I have decided Wednesdays will be our fun video day to get us over the hump of Wednesday and through the rest of the week!

Before I present to you this week’s winner of videos, I need to let you in on some recent thoughts I have been having about where I am currently residing. Born and raised as a city girl, the rural areas of these United States are not only foreign but just awkward for me. I am currently living in the middle of bible belt country. Yes, that means in the middle of nowhere. With that said, you must have assumed the bugs are outrageous, weird, and everything in between!

Now, gimme a little credit, I have seen my fair share of weird bugs coming from a family of scientists (yes, my entire family is a little….odd); however, the bugs I saw in my childhood pale in comparison to the ones I have seen out here. ALL OF THE BUGS ARE ON STEROIDS! NO! I am NOT exaggerating. Tarantulas are out in the wild (not in terrariums where I have always seen them before, not kept as pets), centipedes are as thick as your thumb and as long as your foot (seriously, huge with black body armor, making them difficult to kill) and there are these hybrid bee-fly things that follow you and bite you. Now a few anecdotes for you….

The first on these huge roid’ed out bugs — when I catch them in my house, I quickly grab a shoe, shout a battle cry and beat the crap out of them, as many times as it takes. But, when I am walking around the area outside and these hybrid bee-fly things come up and start flying around, life gets bad. I was walking last night, just strolling along… I had just left my friend, Michelle’s house when one of these bee-flies came up and bit my leg. I started to run away and it FOLLOWED ME! To give you the mental image, I was running and waving my arms, open-palmed, in slapping movements screaming obscenities. Yea, I bet people thought I was crazy…. here I am, running, and screaming and the bastard is STILL managing to bite me! It was AWFUL!  So I promptly texted Michelle and told her one of those bee-flies was hunting me down and trying to eat me. She laughed.

Anyway, now I am afraid of these fly-bees and yet cannot catch them to kill me. So, with all of that said, I now present you with your video of the week, to get you over the hump of Wednesday and through the rest of the week to the weekend!

This video will be super hilarious if you ever had to read Farenheit 451 in school and if not, it will still provide you with entertainment! Enjoy!


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Betsy Goodman
    Aug 18, 2010 @ 15:10:13

    Quite a creative, funny description of bugs on steroids in Ok. Thanks for the laughs!


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